Danielle-chan's Ending

Yagami Taichi: After going out with and dumping his once-best friend 
Takenouchi Sora, Taichi realized that his "partner" Ishida Yamato was his 
first and only love. They currently live together in a posh apartment not far 
from where they grew up. The mysterious squealer whose nose looks like Sora's 
is unexplainable. But no one asks. 

Ishida Yamato: Yamato had a band. He realized that...well, they sucked. More 
precisely, he could sing and his band sucked. After Taichi became his 
boyfriend, Yama decided to form a new band that included his new love, who 
until that time had no idea he could play drums. As said before, they live in 
a posh apartment know. And no one asks about the squealer. 

Takenouchi Sora: After excelling in nothing but flower arranging, Sora opened 
up a flower shop. However, unlike four bishounen, she did not become an 
assassin by night. Soon her business prevailed and opened in spots all around 
the globe. Sora is CEO of the flower arranging company, and travels often. 
She also doesn't reply when asked if she mothered the squealer currently 
living with Yamato and Taichi. 

Izumi Koushirou: "Izzy" grew frustrated with not being able to find decent 
hentai on the web (boy...there's an oxymoron for you...) and thus decided to 
become a doujinshi artist. Sometimes visiting oekaki boards (he's said to be 
a whiz with watercolors), he normally spends his time alone, with his 
computer. It's rumoured he's gone crazy and talks to his computer, which he 
has named "Jyou." 

Kido Jyou: Jyou has not yet finished studying to be a doctor. Although he has 
changed his major numerous times, he still winds up majoring in health and 
doctoring and such. He had hoped that Koushirou would fall for him, but alas, 
no luck there. It's said that he and Mimi have some "studying sessions"...but 
those are just rumors. 

Tachikawa Mimi: Mimi has become a mangaka. She draws stories with lots of 
shounen-ai, and characters who look surprisingly like her friends. It's said 
that she and Jyou "draw" together on those "hot summer nights"...but those 
are just rumors. 

Takaishi Takeru: TK has become Goth TK, as the fangirls like to call him. He 
is angsty and he publishes poems in books. Sadly, he called Hikari a "fiesty 
wench" and that was the end. They are now (against Goth TK's will) married, 
with only one squealer. 

Yagami Hikari: As said above, Goth TK called Hikari a "fiesty wench", which 
apparently turned her on or something. They are married and have one 
squealer. She is a teacher of digital photography at the high school level. 

Motomiya Daisuke: After becoming a soccer star, and recieving many, many more 
fangirls because of it, Daisuke "came out of the closet", much to the 
disappointment of the aforementioned fangirls. His boyfriend turned out to be 
none other than his Jogress partner Ichijouji Ken. They are now living very 
happily together, very far from Miyako. Luckily, all of his fangirls still 
loved him, and he is still a soccer player and college student. (He still 
wears his beloved goggles...and runs a noodle-cart part time.) 

Ichijouji Ken: Ken is Daisuke's boyfriend, after having gone many trials at 
the face of Miyako. He has become a world-renowned genious and is almost done 
with a cure for AIDS. Ken is quite the humanitarian and has lots of fangirls 
for his dashing good looks...and his people-skills, too. He and Daisuke are 
living very happily together. 

Inoue Miyako: Disappointed and heart-broken at the loss of Ken, Miyako turned 
to the only other love of her life---Iori. She didn't mind that he was a 
demonchild, or a mushroom. She is now his happy servant. 

Hida Iori: Discovering his true destiny as the demonchild, Iori has made 
himself look appealing to women. Truth is, he's still really short, and he's 
still perfectly symmetrical, and he's still a mushroom. But don't tell his 
loyal, happy servants in hell. Like Miyako.

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