Protect the Angry

It's so easy

So easy to understand those in the light

But where it's dark nobody see's you

And nobody understands.

I am not to be blamed

But the blame is mine to cherish.

Like a scar from an old forgotten dream.

Do you dream where you are?

Can you dream anymore?

The nightmares that tormented you.

Can you see them now?

Sleep quietly

Nothing will hurt you.

You cannot reach yourself.

To tear into your soul.

Save yourself from your own despair.

I am not your enemy

I was never your enemy

You let the lies control you 

And these lies invade your mind

No thoughts

No dreams

Sweet death

In purest form

Keep watch over him

He who ignored the warnings

Darkness was his friend

Darkness was his enemy

To all he didn't exist until he proved he could

But he couldn't if I did

So I didn't

No control was granted

Hatred led the way

No peace could have saved him

Until two halves were made whole

He never said he was sorry

He never said he loved me

Peaceful is his expression

And peaceful it shall stay

Sleep well, Nicholas.

I shall keep watch over you.