The Basics

Well Darkwing Duck is a Disney cartoon that orginated on...oh come on!
The only people who are going to visit this page are Darkwing fans!
Most of them being my friends. Nobody who doesn't know the show wants
to come here. What? You do? Oh fine...

Darkwing Duck is a Disney cartoon that orginated in like 91 or
something on the Disney Afternoon. I won't go into the psychological
attachment I developed for the show, instead I'll tell you what it's

Drake Mallard, mysteriously employeed suburban single father, is, in
actuality Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps. He's your basic
vigilante that goes around in a cape and mask. Okay maybe not basic
considering that his ego is, as one villian put it, the size of a 
small planet. He's got a sidekick in Launchpad McQuack, and for you
DuckTales fans, yes it's the same guy. He's also helped by his adopted
daughter Gosalyn and her best friend Honker. Darkwing often helps a
crime fighting oraganization called SHUSH.

Various villians go against our hero including The Fearsome Five, a
group of villians who actually fight alone more then as a groups, huh.
Anyway...then there's FOWL enemies of SHUSH and various others who are
uh...not those other guys. Actual details of them will be discussed in

Various random thoughts:

1.How does Gosalyn explain Launchpad to her friends?

2.Shouldn't Gosalyn have more friends? And when they show them, where
do they go?

3.What's up with Honker and Tank? Could they be less like their

4.Doesn't anybody ever stay in jail in Saint Canard?

5.Who exactly was Saint Canard anyway?

6.What is up with metropolis' and creating deranged superpowered
villians? Is it the water?

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