Peachy Keen Teen Dream, Astro Boy-Toy

This is Joel Hodgson creator of MST3K (or Mystery Science Theater 3000
for you non-MiSTies). One of my beloveds, Joel caught my attention a 
few years back when I was watching Comedy Central. I saw this sleepy
looking guy with two gaudy looking robots. I was hooked. 
at first sight. Of course since Joel left MST3K I've been a bit 
deprived. Thank God for the Internet!

I pledge allegiance to Joel Hodgson
Of Mystery Science Theater 3000
And to Dr. Forrester for which he schemes
One cheesy flick
Watched by Mike
With Crows and Tom Servos for all.

 Listen to a cheesy midi of MST3K theme music: 
pictures I ripped off of The Virtual Joelatarium:
I love a man with intelligence:
Doesn't make you want to by a puppy?:
Heh heh:
wonderous artwork done by Tracy Ellyn of Joel Hodgson Stalker Site:
I want this in poster form:
A pic from Oh...lovely. Just...lovely SOUNDS...well okay sound but that'll be rectified later: Big Gulp: I'll never look at the 7-11 quite the same way.

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The man with the book is Malcolm McDowell. One of my favorite actors.
This is him playing Professor Pynchon on Pearl. They canceled it. *sob*
Thankfully my Malcolm can be seen on ABC on Fantasy Island. He plays
the sinister, mysterious and oh so suave Mr. Roarke. If they cancel
that I can't be held responsible for my actions.

Well they did it. They canceled "Fantasy Island"...damn you ABC!!! 
Excuse me, I have to go blow up a building. Maybe the sweet smell of 
buring flesh will raise my spirits...maybe but I doubt it. Thank God 
for my taped episodes!!

A pic of Malcolm in Generations...delightful!:  
From "Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys" Very funny!

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