This is Trace Beaulieu (bow-lou...thanks Kelly!)
as the delightfully evil Dr. Forrestor. The coolest villian in MST3K
history, he left the show when CC canceled.(*sniffle*) He was also the 
voice of Crow (my favorite bot). 

A very nice pic of Trace and Crow:  
Trace looking very normal: kind of normal anyway.

John Shea, in my humble opinion, was the coolest Lex Luthor ever. I 
loved him and they killed him off! AAAAAAAAAAAH! And after that all
the villians sucked. Top of the world Lex! Top of the world!

And now thanks to a few years of vigilante whining to the powers above
my dear dear John S is now in another series. Yay! I have piccies!
These are from The Official Mutant X Page
copyright 2001, Tribune Entertainment Co.

Poor John realizes how precious little of him there is on the net.

Doing the smarty science stuff.

John...and some girl.

Shut up! I think he looks cute.

Shot of John (and the delicious villian) from the intro.

Whooo yeah! He's got a gun.

He looks a bit lost.

Ah my hot sexy manbitch.

It's John and some people who aren't John.

Generic pic for the show.

He looks so sad. Makes you want to hug him...or jump him. Whichever.

Ewww what smells?

If John Shea were ever this close to me, I'd spaz and die.

He needs a whip. Why? Just because.

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