Beyond the Sea

This episode was uh...not bad. Pretty enjoyable actually.

Scully's dad is creepy and dead Scully's dad is even creepier.

Scully watching infomercials...and I've seen that one. Spray on hair.
That is so stupid did anybody actually buy that?

Completely unrelated note I saw a commerical for Chicken Pot Pie and
Larry Bird was in it. He's old. When did Larry Bird get old? It's
kinda sad. He can still shoot a basket though and I suppose that's
what counts. What? This has nothing to do with the X-Files.
I like Larry Bird though.

The two teens making out in the car? They kept saying they wished Jim
was there. Er...why? Do they need to have a threesome? That'd be fun.

Oh speaking of which, kids don't get out of a car unless you can see
Mr Police Dude's badge. Better safe then beaten with wire hangers.

That said, say it with me class NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!

Okay I love Baggs. I shouldn't cause he's creepy and a psycho but he's
just so much damn fun! He's the psychic psycho! He killed his family
and then finished watching the game. Fun.

I like seeing Mulder being the skeptical one though at the end he
baffled me. All of a sudden he's all like 'why can't you believe
Scully?' Er...uh...what??

The ending rather sucked, Baggs dies and that was bad and Scully
didn't get her father's message and that was bad. Bad ending.

Oh and the answer "He was your father" is not an answer. I mean what
the hell does that mean?? Contributing genetic material is not a
preresquite for being proud.

Mulder is represented by the blood stained white cross. Interesting.

The weird thing is Mulder gets shot and I didn't even really react.
It took my brain a full minute to scrounge up an 'oh no'

Even if Baggs was right about the waterfall that's not a waterfall I
did appreciate Mulder's little gotcha. It was cool.

So this episode was good. Creepy, a little funny, some danger,
uncertainy...all in all fun. Not a great ep but fun.