people now belong to me

Rules of the Ricia aka The Sadist's Happy Handbook


Rule #1-Death to all who oppose me.

Rule #2-Death to all who annoy me.

Rule #3-People spontaneously combusting is always funny.

Rule #4-Barney the Dinosaur must die a slow painful death.

Rule #5-The writers of Barney must be tortured for all eternity.

Rule #6-When in doubt set them on fire.

Rule #7-Nothing says "I hate you" like a sharp knife.

Rule #8-All blood is worth spilling.

Rule #9-Shooting sprees are good ways to spend time with your fellow

Rule #10-Give in to your dreams of becoming an orphan.

Rule #11-Stalking is a skill that must be practiced.

Rule #12-Some people deserve to die but since we don't really know 
         who they are let's just shoot everyone.

Rule #13-Nobody can be cheerful before noon without it resulting in 
         a huge mob beating on the person while chanting "Good morning
         to you as well"

Rule #14-Poison is a misanthrope's best friend.

Rule #15-Any one who uses the words "happy" and "homemaker" in the
         same sentence (sarcasm doesn't count) will be tied to a 
         tree and forced to watch "Cops" until their head explodes.

Rule #16-The louder the scream the funnier the torture.

Rule #17-All's fair in revenge.

Rule #18-Mental torture gets more entertaining each time you view it.

Rule #19-Nobody escapes punishment unless they have a nice load of 
         cash handy.

Rule #20-The Ricia is always right.

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