Card Captor Sakura

Basic Plotline: 
Sakura is your average ten year old girl who ends up
having to recapture all these magical cards she accidently released.
Second season we see the results of her struggles. (Y'know spoiler
free sucks)

I like everybody which is unusual. From major characters
to minor characters I found pretty much everybody charming. Now
everyone isn't horribly interesting and in some cases you wonder at
their point but know that their absence would be felt.

Do I Care?: 
Actually yes. Sakura is too cute and sweet for you not to
care if something bad happens to her. It's not, for the most part, 
edge of your seat stuff but concern is there.

Emotional Impact: 
Uh...not much actually. Not for me anyway. With the
exception of a scene between Sakura's brother and one of her guardians
I wasn't really all that moved. I'm so heartless.

Romantic Potentional: 
Couples couples everywhere. There's traditional
couples, questionable couples, sweet couples, strange couples,
one-sided couples, completely in my own mind couples. A feast for the

Laugh Track: 
Kero, Meiling and Yamazaki...that's the humor folks.

Drool Factor: 
It's CLAMP...end of story.

Pain Factor: 
Despite the overabundance of pink and it's sugar coated
squishy center this is pretty painless.

To Sum it Up: 
If you like gory fight scenes with blood and dripping
entrails then no watch something else. If however you could use a
sweet story where you're not emotionally scarred at the end then I
do recommend it.

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