Other CCS Couples I Support

Sakura and Syaoran: Yes I fully support these two. It's sweet and
touching. They go through so much denial that it's wonderful when
they finally realize their feeligs.

Sakura and Tomoyo: Tomoyo adores Sakura and it's just such a fluffy
thought that Sakura might love her back.

Syaoran and Eriol: Y'know you can all just blame Resuko and her page
for this. Never occured to me til I saw all the pretty pictures. Now
I'm a drooling fan.

Syaoran and Meiling: Why is this so unpopular? They obviously care
about each other. They have a sweet devoted thing going on, even if
Syaoran see's it more as a friendly brotherly kind of love.

Tomoyo and Eriol: That's right Tomoyo/Eriol fans. Put your flames
down and step away from the webpage. I support your couple, they're
adorable. Who's going to deny that cuteness? Besides it's another
'doesn't make much sense but we like it anyway' couple.

Eriol and Yamazaki: I don't know why but it gives me a happy squishy
feeling. They have such a great friendship, it seems such a sweet
idea to pair them up.

Chiharu and Yamazaki: Hey who am to argue with a love that's lasted
since kindergarten? They balance each other out nicely.

Rika and Terada: Hey most May/December relationships squick me but
for some reason this doesn't. This is cute and beautiful and I'm
only sorry we never got to see the future and their wedding.

Touya and Yukito: May I be smacked with a herring if I do not mention
my favorite CCS couple. They have a powerful and self-sacrificing
relationship that anyone with a ounce of romance in their soul
should appreciate.

Touya and Yue: Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking. Yukito and Yue
are the same person! But fics with these two tend to be more...just

Clow and Yue: The devoted servant and his master. It's a fetish I'll
admit. But what lovely visuals! Besides there's no denying Yue's 
feelings towards Clow.

Fujitaka and Nadesico: They have the sweetest meeting story. They're
a beautiful couple. Any arguements?

Sonomi and Nadesico: It's Tomoyo/Sakura a generation earlier. Yes I
know if they had gotten together there'd be no Sakura, Touya or
Tomoyo...that would suck. But then that's what alternate universes
are for. ^_^

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