Thoughts from Wisconson Cheese

Mandy puts her chin in her hands and stares off into space. 
"Thoughts from Wisconson cheese. Is Elvis really a donut-starved 
thug, or is Achmed just going insane again? The mutant penguins are 
taking over Argentina, and Blue got his picture in the paper because 
of it. Pimento cheese; what is it and why do people use it on their 
hampsters? What is the eleven-letter word that all smart people 
spell incorrectly? What is the number that is one-tenth of one-half 
of one-fifth of 6,000? If we all die tomorrow, no one will care. Who
am I? I am Jean Valjean. Your shadow lives by the name of James 
Barron. Feel the tree. Think the tree. Be the tree. But whatever you 
do, don't cut your thumb while opening a letter from Duke with your 

Mandy owns this ramble..lucky her

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