If I Close My Eyes

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Warning: Uh..it's Daiken/Kensuke people. It's got boys being fluffy
with boys. Speaking of which this is fluff. Angsty fluff but still
fluff. Have no idea why I'm writing this when there are people with
talent out there.

Note: This takes place during the sleep over episode. Well they had
this big chunk of nothing happen. I've decided to fill in the blanks.

Daisuke blinked his eyes open, "Wha...wha's going on?" He had been
awakened by the sound of whimpering. "Chibimon quit it, we're trying
to sleep."

The small Digimon looked up from his place at the foot of Daisuke's
bed, "Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Quit whimpering!"

"I'm not!"

Daisuke opened his mouth to fling back a retort when the whimpering
started again. Chibimon smirked at his human partner but the leader
of the Digidestined took no heed. He was more concerned with
what...or who..was making the sounds.

Ken was curled into a ball shaking. Soft protests were mumbled from
his lips and he seemed to be struggling with something. Leafmon,
looking worried, rubbed up against the tormented boy, trying to calm

Daisuke leaped down from his bed and went over to the shaking boy,
"Ken? Hey Ken, wake up, you're having a nightmare. Ken? Hey!" He
gasped in shock as Ken's hand shot out and grabbed his arm. For such
a skinny kid, he sure had a strong grip.

"Daisuke..." The word came tumbling out Ken's mouth like a plea,
"Don't leave me, Daisuke. It's dark here."

Daisuke tried to remove Ken's hand from his arm, "Ken, let go, I'm
not leaving. I'm right here. Now let go." He tried again but the
purple haired boys grip was like iron.

"It's dark and cold. So cold. You're my friend aren't you? You're not
going to leave me are you? You won't go away like Osamu. I won't wish
you away, Daisuke. I'll never ever wish you away. You'll stay here
with me...love you Daisuke."

The red haired boy blushed, "Yeah, Ken, love you too. You need some
sleep. Let go and go back to sleep."

Ken's eyes widened, "I can't. If I sleep the voices and shadows will
come back for me. I can't sleep anymore."

Daisuke bit his lip and thought a moment. Finally he leaned over and
brushed a light kiss across Ken's forehead. Startled, Ken let go of
his arm. Taking advantage of the situation Daisuke wrapped his arm
around Ken and pulled him close. He closed his eyes and seemed to
concentrate on something.

Ken studied him with curiousity, "What are you doing?"

"If I concentrate then maybe I can dream what you dream."


"If I dream what you dream then you won't be alone. I can protect you
from the 'voices and shadows' and stuff. That is...if it's okay."

Ken's eyes welled with tears and he strove to move closer into
Daisuke's arms, "I want to dream about you. Let me dream about you.
No more shadows. No more darkness. No more fear. Just you...just
you." His eyes fluttered closed and his breathing became even.

Daisuke stroked Ken's cheek gently as he fell to sleep, "No more
shadows. No more darkness. No more fear. I'm here Ken." He quickly
fell asleep beside Ken.

Chibimon and Leafmon watched their human partners sleeping peacefully
in each other's arms. They each grabbed a corner of a blanket and
pulled it up to cover the two boys. Sighing contently they snuggled
down with them and dozed off.

The end.

Uh...I know Daisuke wakes up in his own bed...maybe he moved during
the night. I also know the fic isn't that good...sorry.

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