The Completely Pointless and Useless List of Couples I For Some Reason or Other Support

Warning: I support love/lust in all it's twisted little forms. Ergo
this page will contain het, slash and the occasional appearance of
incest. I don't care if you agree with me. I'm being pretty honest
here and realize I may lose friends and allies but them's the breaks.
Also this only contains actual characters. No fan characters, sorry.

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing and Launchpad

It's so cute and probably true and so rare! Nobody writes this
couple damn you people. They live together for pity's sake and
Launchpad practically threw himself at Darkwing and it's

Darkwing and Morgana

Nummy and abusive, fun! They're horribly sweet and bickering. She
actually stopped being a villian for him and that's just adorable.
Yeah they fight alot but hey their fights are funny, so bleh!

Gosalyn and Honker

Well when they're older obviously. They have this conflicting
personality thing going that I really like. You just know that
either one of them would be there for the other in a heartbeat.
Besides, who the flaming heck else are you going to put them with?

Megavolt and Quackerjack cute and a little less rare. Watch any of the eps where
they work together, aren't they awfully touchy-feely? What? I'm weird
and sick? Thank you.


Baloo and Rebecca

B&B Forever! Contrasting personalities, I think they just complete
each other in a weird funky way. Becky keeps Baloo somewhat grounded
and Baloo helps Becky loosen up a bit. There needs to be more of
this couple too. Heck there needs to be more of every couple I like.

Shere Khan and his million and one panther clones

*burst out laughing* Well why else would Khan has a million and one
handsome panther clones flitting about? What? Workers? *scoffs* Okay
you live with that delusion. Me, I'm going with the orgy theory.

Baloo and Wildcat

This one just occured to me one day and I'm not sure why. Baloo and
Wildcat knew each other before the rest of the group came and they
at least live near each other. There's a patient friendly relationship
and I just think it works. *shrug*

Kit and Molly

Shut up! It's fanfiction's fault! I read a story where they were older
and got together and it was cute! They're obviously not couple
material on the show and not if Baloo and Becky get together but,
barring that and giving them a few years it could work. Could to!

Card Captor Sakura

Sakura and Syaoran

In terms of the fandom for it...boring! But watch the second CCS movie
and shriek 'AWWWWWWWWW' for hours. Fluffy and adorable and just,just
go watch it.

Sakura and Tomoyo

Tomoyo loves her so very much, willing to let her go just so she'll
be happy. That's devotion and it would be so beautiful if Sakura
noticed her and loved her back.

Syaoran and Eriol

Resuko's fault...all Resuko's fault. Eriol has a funky little
fascination with his cute little desendent doesn't he? They conflict
and constrast and Eriol drives Syaoran up the wall. I love it.

Syaoran and Meilin

*flips most of the CCS fandom off* Piss off you gooby jerks I like
these two together. They have a history, they were engaged and they
do love each other even if Syaoran may not love her like that.
He could though.

Tomoyo and Eriol

Not sense making but cute nevertheless. I can't really say much on
this couple other then I support it because it's cute and that's
why I support most I'm boring.

Tomoyo and Meilin

Need I say more? Okay once again, the second movie!

Eriol and Yamazaki

The cutest friendship and Eriol leaving make Yamazaki never lie again.
So adorable and it could so work!

Chiharu and Yamazaki

They've been together since kindergarten so how can you argue? Chiharu
is the only one who will bitchslap Yamazaki for his stories. They're
an oddly powerful couple for one so young.

Rika and Terada

Bite me people! I don't care if she's ten and he's like twenty
something. It's a pure and innocent relationship and it's loving
and beautiful and drop dead if you can't see that!

Touya and Yukito

They're are people who don't support this? Where? Smack them. Touya
sacrificed so much to keep Yuki with him and Yuki is so devoted to
him. Their bond is horribly strong and I can't imagine them not

Touya and Yue

It's the same fricking thing as the one above but you have to deal
with Yue's guilt over having a new lover and the conflict of sharing
the body of Yukito. Fun fun.

Clow and Yue

Oh they were so sleeping together! This is just a beautifully stunning
couple both visually and mentally. I mean how can you ignore the bond,
the sheer angsty bond?? *sobs*

Fujitaka and Nadesico

The Flower Card ep! How they met and fell in love and awwwwwww! They
belonged together and it's so frickin cute and *gush gush gush* Why'd
she have to die??

Sonomi and Nadesico

It's Sakura and Tomoyo a generation earlier and it's cute for the
same reasons. This is purely an AU couple since I like Sakura, Touya
and Tomoyo to actually be born.


Taichi and Yamato

Well of course. It was the first couple I ever
supported in Digimon. It also has the pleasure of being one of the
first shounen-ai couples I ever supported. Though, at the risk of
sounding blasphemous I'm a tad tired of it now.

Taichi and Sora

Speaking of blasphemy, I support Taiora. Why, in
the name of all things holy, do I do this? Cause...I don't know. It's
cute and they're friends and it's cute. Hell, why not, with the crack
ending it's no threat to anyone now.

Taichi and Koushiro

The jock and the brain...well yes. See the
movie people and then tell me it isn't happening. Besides that look
at the first season. When Yama isn't around Taichi gravitates towards
Koushiro! He does! Go look!

Taichi and Daisuke

Double your goggle-boy pleasure! Come on 
people! Who in their right mind wouldn't like to see the leaders of
the Chosen get it on? Besides you...and you...oh shut up. The
important thing is I like it.

Yamato and Jyou

Cute! Squeaky! Jyou goes after Yama when he's
all angsty and then there's the restaurtant ep. I don't know it's just
really really adorable. There's something touching and beautiful there
if you just take the time out to look for it.

Yamato and Ken

Pardon me while I drool. The two angsty pretty
boys of Digimon together is just an overload on the old libido.
There's just so much potential for a comfort filled poetry dripping
relationship here. Ah...pain so enriches the artist's soul.

Yamato and Takeru

Ah yes brotherly love...taken to the extreme.
This is the coupling that keeps me from entering polite society. Then
again, polite society is filled with boring losers. Incest ahoy!

Yamato and Gabumon

It's there it's there! The bonding in Adventures, the weird little
kiss greeting in Zero Two. *pauses* What you didn't see that? I'm
delusional. Am not! Go watch the ep where Yama goes back to the
Digital World and watch carefully. Okay maybe it just looks like
he kissed him. So? Still cute.

Sora and Mimi

Pretty and cute and wonderful. There's not nearly
enough of this floating around. They obviously care for each other and
their relationship is very touching if you really pay attention.

Sora and Jyou

It does make sense believe it or not. They're
probably the most mature of the Chosen and they seem to have a good
chemistry. Plus, while I mock the very existance of the ending of 02,
I can't help but smile at where Jyou and Sora are standing. That's 
right. Right next to each other.

Sora and Miyako

Dammit why does Sora need to be so hated? It
keeps me from properly gushing over my favorite couples! I love these
two together and there's all of like one page to it. It doesn't even
have a flippin mailing list! Soryako is cute people! Cute and it
deserves to be admired. So everybody go find a pic of them together
and oooh and ahhh or I will be very angry. *seethes and then slowly
calms down* Uh..I'm sorry that won't happen again. Uh...good couple.
Moving on.

Mimi and Koushiro

There are less moments for these two, but hey
moments aren't everything. The important thing is that the idea of
the princess and the computer geek together makes me go awwwww. Let's
all go awwww together. Mishiro...awwwwww.

Mimi and Jyou

*melts in happy goo* Sweet and beautiful to the
extreme. I couldn't even begin to completely explain just what it is
about these two that causes happiness to bounce around in me. They
just other reason needed.

Mimi and Miyako

I saw Family Picnic. Did you see Family Picnic?
If so, how could you even doubt? I'm sorry nobody has fantasies like
that for their sister...not without having some serious issues to
clear up. Anyway, it's pretty and vaguely amusing. Perfect.

Koushiro and Jyou

I didn't get it at first but then I watched more carefully. They have
all these small moments and given their personalities that works. All
hail geeky love!

Koushiro and Ken

Why aren't there any pages?? Incredibly smart
people doing inappropriate things to each other deserve pages! Yes
they only had one conversation but the chemistry in that one
interaction! *drool*

Koushiro and Hikari

For some unfathomable reason, I do. I 
couldn't even begin to say why either. At least with this one there
are a number more. It's cute and should be encouraged.

Koushiro and Miyako

Oh damn yeah! Miyako is so Koushiro's bitch,
and oddly enough Koushiro is Miyako's bitch. It's a give and take
relationship. This is one Miyako crush I can fully support. Go

Jyou and Hikari

It's the pure spirituality of the two. It just works on a deeper level
that I have a hard time explaining. Just beautiful.

Jyou and Miyako

Wow...another that makes little sense. I wish I
had a reason, but I don't. I just like it. It seems to make sense in
my deranged little mind.

Jyou and Takeru

It makes no sense and it's completely at the
fault of fanfiction. Though for me it proves that once you get into
a couple you start to see it in the show. Funny I never noticed the
significance of Jyou saving Takeru before...and hey look they're alone
together there too...huh. Still...

Jyou and Iori

Squishy! Cuteness to the maximum. I love those two
together, it's just beyond adorable. Iori crushes on Jyou and Jyou
does care for Iori. Yes, Iori is too young now, but hey he'll get

Jyou and Gomamon

*laughs* Watch the show and tell me this isn't cute! The conflict of
personality, the fact they'd do anything for each other. I love it!

Daisuke and Ken

It's my  favorite couple in the universe. I adore it above all others
and nothing anybody says will convince me they do not belong together.

Daisuke and Hikari

Poor little Dai-kun at least deserved a chance! He really is a sweet
boy and Hikari should've seen that. Maybe it's not a 'forever' couple
but he should've at least gotten a date! Poor boy.

Daisuke and Miyako

My second favorite Daisuke coupling! They bicker and argue but deep
down care about each other and are concerned about the others
safety. It's oddly powerful for such an obscure coupling.

Ken and Hikari

The Dark Ocean is a powerful bond even if it seems a lame reason. I
just think they'd understand each other in ways that the others just
couldn't. Plus they look so pretty together...lame...yeah.

Ken and Ryo

Jogress! The first Jogress! They have a strong bond it's really cute
and if Ryo hadn't left who knows what might have happened hmmm?

Ken and Wormmon

Ken-chan! Wormmon put up with abuse both emotional and phyical and
even died to save Ken from the Kaiser. That's devotion and that's

Ken and Osamu

It's like Yamakeru but ten times weirder and more disturbing. Wheeee!

Ken and Kaiser

I'm a sick sick human being. Mental rape! Mental rape! Angsty
torturous oddly beautiful and so wrong. So very very extremely wrong.
I need to find more...

Hikari and Miyako
Hikari and Takeru
Miyako and Iori
Miyako and Hawkmon
Takeru and Iori
Veemon and Wormmon
Wizardmon and Gatomon
Jun and Jyou's oldest brother
Jun and Miyako's sister


Ash and Gary
Jessi and James
Misty and Brock
Butch and Cassidy
Giovanni and Miyamoto
Giovanni and James
Butch and James
Jessi and Cassidy
James and Meowth
Meowth and Pikachu

Gundam Wing

Heero and Duo
Duo and Wufei
Trowa and Quatre
Duo and Quatre
Wufei and Quatre
Treize and Wufei
Dorothy and Relena
Dorothy and Quatre

Sailor Moon

Usagi and Mamoru
Usagi and Rei
Haruka and Michiru
Chibiusa and Helios
Chibiusa and Hotaru
Fiore and Mamoru
Setsuna and Mamoru
Helios and Mamoru
Rei and Ami

Star Wars

Luke and Han
Lei and Han
Han and Lando

Star Trek

Kirk and Spock
McCoy and Spock
Picard and Q
Picard and Beverly
Riker and Deanna
Deanna and Worf
Data and LaForge
Bashir and Garak
O'Brien and Keiko
O'Brien and Bashir
Sisko and Dukat
Kira and Odo
Worf and Dax
Jake and Nog (actually this just occured to me. Is it out there?)
Neelix and Kes
Kes and Doctor
Paris and Kim

Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Dr Forrester and TV's Frank
Crow and Tom Servo (does that count as incest?)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: The Series

Buffy and Angel
Buffy and Xander
Angel and Cordelia
Angel and Lorne
Xander and Cordelia
Xander and Anya
Willow and Tara
Giles and Ethan
Wesley and Gunn
Willow and Oz
Xander and Spike
Buffy and Spike
Wesley and Giles
Giles and Xander
Giles and Buffy
Cordelia and Fred
Wesley and Fred

The X-Files

Mulder and Scully
Mulder and Kricheck...Krycheck...dammit Ratboy
Any of the Lone Gunmen together
Mulder and Dogett

Harry Potter

Harry and Ron
Hermione and Ron
Hermione and Krum
Ron and Krum
Harry and Tom
Fred and George
Percy and Neville
Snape and Lupin
Snape and Lockhart
Colin and Ginny

Fushigi Yuugi

Miaka and Tamahome
Miaka and Yui
Tamahome and Nuriko
Tamahome and Nakago
Tamahome and Tasuki
Nuriko and Hotohori
Nuriko and Tomo
Nuriko and Tasuki
Tomo and Nakago
Tamahome and Hotohori

El Hazard

Jinnai and Diva
Aielle and Nanami
Fujisawa and Mis Mistal


Ford and Arthur (HHGTTG)
Chandler and Joey (Friends)
Joey and Phoebe (Friends)
Stuart and Carter (Spin City)
Eilowny and Taran (Prydain)
Dell and Charlie (Caroline in the City)
Caroline and Richard (CITC)
Clark and Lex (Smallville)
Cloe and Pete (Smallville)
Adam and Mason (Mutant X)
Abu and Iago (Aladdin)