Creative Wonderment

Life is boring and the majority of people are too. It's a sad pitiful
dryer lint, shower mildew, sock drawer world. But every once in
awhile somebody creates something that lets a light into the
darkness. This page is to honor those whose creative endeavors have
stimulated any sense of wonderment in their fellow human beings.

In no especially important order:

JK Rowling:for the world of Harry Potter.

Dr Seuss:for everything he's ever written.

Rod Serling:for the Twilight Zone.

Gene Roddenberry:for Star Trek.

George Lucas:for Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Steven Speilberg:for everything he's ever done and Indiana Jones

Tim Burton:for everything...mostly NMBC but everything.

The Brains:everything they've ever done and will ever do...and MST3K.

Anne Rice:for the Vampire Chronicles.

Shigeru Myamoto:for the world of Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

Lowell Cunningham:for the Men in Black mythos.

Robert Ripley:for Believe It or Not.

Charles Dickens:for The Christas Carol.

Bram Stoker:for helping to spread the Dracula mythos.

Walt Disney:for...oh come on can you imagine him not being on the list?

Jim Henson:for the Muppets.

Lewis Carrol:for Alice in Wonderland.

This is a continuous list and if you want to add somebody to it just
email me at or AIM me DarkFedora. Give me the
name and don't forget to tell me why they should be on the list.

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