Tea and Crumpets with Chronos and Chaos

Claimer: I own everybody in this including myself. Get permission to
use them from me. I'm pretty giving so I shouldn't have a problem.

Thanks: To Tracey who inspired the idea, and to my own insanity.

Chaos: Welcome to Tea and Crumpets, we're your hosts. I'm Chaos, the
Lord of Disorder and Destruction, Sworn Enemy of the Order of Time.
And that's Chronos, the Messenger Boy.

Chronos: Shut up, Little Boy Blue!

Chaos: Has-been!

Chronos: Never-was!

*Chaos and Chronos glare at each and get ready to fight*

Patti: Enough!

Chronos: Who the bloody hell are you?

Patti: I'm your creator, Patti.

Chaos: I thought our creator was named Ricia.

Patti: I am Ricia! Patricia or Patti or Ricia. See I'm called Patti
in RL and Ricia on the net. Patricia is my full name and...

*Chronos and Chaos have fallen asleep*

Patti: Wake up already! You've got a show to do!

Chaos: *groans* Why? 

Patti: Because I said so! And I'm the master of you, Lord Chaos.

Chronos: Ha! She told you Chaos!

Patti: That goes for you too, Chronos!

*Chronos pouts while Chaos laughs*

Patti: Now start over and this time behave.

Chronos and Chaos: Yes oh mistress of all!

Patti: I'm going to pretend that wasn't sarcastic.

Chaos: You do that.

*cheesy music starts up*

Chronos: Now once again, welcome to Tea and Crumpets. We're your
hosts, Chronos and Chaos. On today's show we have...uh...what do we
have Chaos?

Chaos: Huh? I'm sorry I blanked out. What did you say?

Chronos: What's on today's show?

Chaos: How should I know? You're the organized one.

Chronos: You mean we have no guests??

Chaos: Guess not. More crumpets for us!

Chronos: Good point!

*they munch on crumpets and sip tea for awhile. Finally by cause of
sheer boredom Patti pushes on Erik and Vincent to be guests*

Chaos: Erik and Vincent? Who are they?

Chronos: The Sacrifice and the Victim.

Chaos: Oh that's pleasant! And you people are the good guys?

Vincent: You ate all the crumpets.

Erik: And drank all the tea.

Chronos: So? You're dead.

Erik: Doesn't mean we don't like crumpets.

Chaos: Well go buy your own. Now let's begin the interveiw.
So...Vincent, how does it feel to have no personality?

Vincent: I have a personality!

Chaos: No you don't!

Vincent: Yes I do! And I want some crumpets!

Chaos: I don't care what you want, you...who the hell are you again?

Chronos: He's the Victim. He was killed by the first Fedora
TimeKeeper, Sebastien.

Chaos: Why?

Chronos: He was in the way.

Chaos: The good guys, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing says 'we're the
heros of the stories" like senseless homicide.

Chronos: Shut up! At least we didn't try to destory all life and
twist the universe to our sick vision.

Chaos: No, the universe was already twisted to your sick vision.

Erik: Um...are we being interveiwed?

Vincent: C'mon Erik, lets go see if Patti has any more crumpets.

*they leave, our hosts bicker for awhile but then notice the guests
are gone*

Chaos: Hey where'd they go? 

Chronos: Who cares. On our next show we'll be learning how to make a
thermal nuclear weapon from sawdust and chewing gum.

Chaos: We will?? Really?

Chronos: Probably not.

*cheesy music starts up*

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