Where the Daisies Grow

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White petals fall too soon
From my clinging grasp
And as life plays its mournful tune
I hear one last gasp

I can't remember where I heard
The song that haunts me in my dreams
The breath one took to speak the word
To calm my inner screams

But I'll keep your hand in mine
And pray you never go
For I'll be standing by your side
Where the daisies grow

It all seemed a blur. One moment she was yelling at Baloo like always 
and then...
A voice. She could remember a pleading voice. Begging her to return. 
But whose voice was it? Her own? She was so tired. Too tired to try to\
remember, so she let the darkness come.
"What do you mean you won't tell me what's going on???", Baloo yelled 
at the guy behind the desk. The young man, looked annoyed "Look Mr. 
Baloo, I told you I don't know anything. When we have word we'll tell 
you. Now please, either sit down or leave", he said bluntly.

Baloo fought the urge to throttle the youth and marched back over to 
Kit. The boy ,holding a crying Molly in his arms, looked up. "No luck 
Papa Bear?", Kit asked trying to comfort the small girl.

"No Kit.", he said and picked up Molly. "Don't cry Pigtails, I'm sure 
everything will be fine. You're Mama's gonna be just fine"

The little girl sniffed. "Promise?", she asked tears brimming in her 

"Promise.", Baloo answered. 'Oh please God, don't let me be lying', 
he silently prayed.
A flicker.
Reach for the light....always out of grasp. 
'Baloo you can't leave me here
You wouldn't just...leave'
The hours crept for the three anxious bears waiting for any word...
hoping they were wrong in their  assumptions. That their darkest fears
would not be confirmed.

Baloo was sick with worry. He barely noticed the two cubs clinging to 
him. All thoughts were of Becky. The arguement that seemed to have 
triggered it all. Maybe it was his fault. Why couldn't the doctors 
tell him what was happening? 'Oh Becky...I'm sorry'

Kit snuggled closer to Baloo. He noticed how tense his Papa Bear was. 
'He can't stand to wait', he thought. Kit tried to tell himself 
everything would be fine but if life on the streets had taught him 
anything it was that everything was very rarely fine. He looked over 
at Molly who had long since cried herself to sleep. He suddenly felt 
tired and fell into a fitful slumber.
Don't go!
It's dark...'
Baloo opened his eyes and was suddenly aware of a hand shaking him. A 
tall black fox looked down at him. "Mr. Baloo? I am Dr. Cadeever. I'm 
Ms. Cunningham's doctor.",he stated.

Baloo was instantly awake. "Is she okay? Where is she? Can we see her?
What took you guys so long??", he asked rapidly. The two cubs stirred 
awaked and looked at the two men.

Dr. Cadeever looked down at the two children. "Perhaps we'd better 
discuss this in private, Mr.Baloo.", he said gesturing to a small room
adjacent to the waiting room.

Kit opened his mouth to protest but Baloo raised his hand. "Keep an 
eye on Molly, Li'l Britches. I'll tell you about it after.", he said 
his voice shaking.

Molly's eyes filled with tears. "Mommy's not okay...is she?", she 

The doctor's heart went to the small child. So young...too young. And 
her...brother? He looked tired and ill. His face tear-streaked.

Baloo stepped into the doctor's office and sat down. "Okay doc, I can 
handle it. What's Becky got?"

"Mr. Baloo, we've run countless blood tests. We ran so many tests, 
hoping it wasn't true"

"What? Doctor what is wrong with her?"


The world stopped. For one moment all movement ceased. Baloo could 
hear his scream but it was like it was coming from all around him. He 
vaguely felt a hand grasp his arm. 

"Mr. Baloo? Are you alright?", Dr. Cadeever's voice came through the 

"Becky...aw no...not my Becky...please God not her"

"Mr. Baloo?"

"It's not fair. Not her..."

"I know this must be tough for you, but you have to be strong. Think 
of the children."

Baloo's mind snapped back. "Oh my God! Kit! Molly! How am I gonna tell 
Kit stared at the closed door. He wished he could hear what was going 
on. The doctor...Cadeever? had looked regretful. It was bad news, he 
knew that much...but how bad? He held Molly. Poor Molly, all the 
family she had was her mom. Her world hung in the balance and what 
Baloo said as he opened the doors could tip the scales.
Please don't leave me here.
So dark and lonely
I don't want to be alone.
Not here.
Not now...I remember how you held me. Kept saying everything would be 
okay, if I would only wake up.
I want to be awake
I want to be okay
Where are you now?'


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