Where the Daisies Grow

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Down they flutter as they fall
How I wish I could keep them all
You were swept away before my eyes
Unheeding to my deperate cries

Oh please believe my heart was true
And I did all I knew to do
This spot is marked by cleansing tears
Which will roll and break throughout the years

Until the moment we meet again
And though I've no way of telling when
My heart can rest in your afterglow
And our souls will stay where the daisies grow
Four days. It had been four days since Rebecca collasped. Four days, 
but for the occupants of Higher for Hire it might as well have been 
four years. Baloo had closed up Higher for Hire telling the customers 
there was a crisis. Most of their regular customers were sympathetic 
to Baloo's problem but a couple were being more difficult.

"No you can't talk to the manager! Cause she's in the hospital! No we 
can't deliver your blueberries!....Cause we're closed buddy!....No! 
We....are...CLOSED!!!", Baloo yelled slamming down the receiver. The 
phone rang almost  immediately. "Now you listen here Mr. Kendall, 
we're not delivering your blueberries, strawberries or huckleberries! 
What part of "no" don't you understand??", Baloo snarled into the 
phone. A timid voice responded. "Um...Mr. Baloo? It's Dr. Cadeever. I 
thought you'd like to know Rebecca is awake. Her fever is slightly 
lower then before...not much but...if you have anything to say to her,
now would be a good time."

Baloo realized what Dr. Cadeever was saying "now would be a good time"
cause now may be the only time. His eyes filled with tears as he 
remembered the first time he had visited her...
Kit and Molly were both in school and Baloo had run out of things to 
occupy his mind. He found himself at the hospital, looking at 
Rebecca's sleeping form. Dr. Cadeever stood by just in case anything 
went wrong. It did.

It had started so calmly and innocent. Dr. Cadeever had warned Baloo 
that with her fever Rebecca was likely to become delirious and say 
strange things. She was in and out of consciencness  at that point. 
She said things...but it had started out so innocently.

"Baloo?", Rebecca's voice was barely a whisper.

"I'm here Becky", Baloo replied his voice catching in his throat.

"She can't hear you Mr. Baloo...or rather she can't acknowledge you", Dr. Cadeever informed him.

Baloo ignored him and continued to listen. The doctor stood by 

"Baloo...why did you have to leave?"

"I'm right here Becky. I ain't going nowhere."

"I never thought you hated me that much"

Baloo felt as if he had been punched in the stomach, "Hate you?! 
Becky I don't hate you! I could never hate you! How could you think 
that? Becky?? Can you hear me? I don't hate you!"

"All you ever wanted was your plane"

Realization and guilt hit Baloo all at once. He staggered while Dr. 
Cadeever tried to hold him steady. "No, Becky. Keep the plane. Just 
come back to me Boss-lady"
Baloo shook his head. She was delirious. She hadn't known what she 
was saying. Or did she? Part of Baloo, a part he would sooner ignore, 
told him she might have. After all, the only reason he had become her 
pilot was to get the Seaduck back. But that had been at the beginning.
They had been through so much since then. How could she think his 
plane was all that mattered? How could she think he hated her? Baloo 
wouldn't be able to live with himself if he didn't try to tell Rebecca
some degree of truth.
Rebecca's eyes fluttered open. She was surprised to find herself in a 
field. 'Must be dreaming', she thought. A hand touched her shoulder. 
She turned around and gasped at the sight. A tall golden bear smiled 
sadly at her. Rebecca's hand flew up to her mouth while the other 
touched the cheek of her late husband. "Evan, is it you?", she 
whispered. She closed her eyes, "I don't want to have this dream, it's 
too painful.",she said. She felt a hand gently touch her face "It's 
not a dream Rebecca. Well not really. I'm real but everything else is 
a dream...well not everything...it's kind of hard to explain"

"Why are you here? Am I dead?"

"No...you have some time"

"How much"

"I'm not going to lie to you darling, you don't have much."

He gestured with his hand. Suddenly they were standing in a hospital 
room. Rebecca looked at herself, "I look awful.", she whispered.

The door opened and she looked up. Baloo, Kit and Molly stood in the 
doorway looking lost. Baloo picked up Molly and approached the bed.

"Becky?", he said softly.

Evan looked at Rebecca, "Becky? You never let me call you Becky. 
Should I be jealous?", he asked slightly amused.

Rebecca motioned for him to be quiet. She stepped cautiously towards 
her friends. Molly and Kit were both crying. Baloo reached over and 
brushed the hair away from her face. She wanted to rush over and 
embrace them all and never let go. Evan looked at her with pity, 
"You're getting a chance here Rebecca. A chance I never got. It's 
time." Light flashed before Rebecca's eyes.

"Baloo? Molly? Kit?"

"Boss-lady you're awake!", Baloo rushed over and grabbed her hand.

"Mommy!", Molly cried jumping up besides her mother.

"How do you feel Ms. Cunningham?", Kit asked sitting at the foot of 
the bed.

Rebecca stared at them. How could she tell them? Evan had said she 
didn't have much time. She sat up slightly and stroked her daughter's 
hair. She started to speak, her words sounded strangely calm, "I may 
not have much time", she waved away the protestations she knew were 
coming. "I want a chance to say good-bye...to all of you"

Molly, who had realized what her mother just said, cried out, "But I 
don't want you to go! I'll be all alone! Who will take care of me? 
Why do you have to go?"

Rebecca held her daughter close, "Oh baby, I don't want to go either. 
I have to.", she pulled Molly up and looked her in the face, "But 
Mommy loves you very much and I'll always look after you. I'll be in 
every star, in every gust of wind...and every night when you fall 
asleep I'll send you sweet dreams. I promise"

"I still don't want you to go."

"I know honey, but you won't be alone. You have Kit and Wildcat...and 
Baloo.", she looked up at the large bear, "You'll take good care of 
her, won't you Baloo?"

"Of course Becky", he whispered picking up the small cub.

Rebecca smiled at him. "Thank you."

"For taking on Molly? Don't thank me Becky I'm happy to do it. She 
means alot to me"

"Not just for that. You were my strength, Baloo. All the times I 
didn't have enough of my own you were there. I don't think Higher for 
Hire would have made it without you...I don't think I would have made 
it without you."

He stared at her, tears brimming in his eyes, "Becky...I...I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what?"

He handed Molly to Kit and faced Rebecca, "For letting you think you 
weren't important to me. For taking you for granted! For...", his 
voice broke and he grabbed both her hands and held them tightly, "I'm 
your pilot Becky, no matter where I end up or who I work for I will 
always be your pilot...til...til...I join you."

Rebecca was touched. "Oh...Baloo.", she breathed. "I think I needed 
to hear that more then anything." She reached up and touched his face. 
A throat cleared next to her. She looked over and saw Kit trying not 
to cry. 'So brave', she thought.

"Come here", she said holding her arms open.

Kit broke down and flung himself at her. He sobbed into her shoulder 
while she rocked him back and forth. "Oh Kit, don't cry. You'll be 
okay angel. You just have to be strong"

"I've been strong all my life. I don't want to be strong! I want my 
Mama Bear."

She smiled at that, "Kit you are the most incredible person I've ever 
known. You have so much compassion and intelligence. You'll make some 
girl very lucky someday. I need you to be brave for Molly. I need you 
to keep Higher for Hire going...and keep Baloo away from the business 
stuff. You'll always be important to me. You're like my own son. Can 
you be brave for me?"

He sniffled and nodded. She stroked his face and handed him to Baloo. 
She looked at them. Her family and her friends...one in the same. She 
laid back down and smiled. "Alright Evan. I'm ready."

And with that whispered phrase, Rebecca Cunningham was gone


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