The crowd cheered and clapped as Kasey Chesire walked onto the 
stage. "Thank you! Thank you! No, no, really thank you!" she said 
smiling a calm smile. "Today we have a great show so sit back and 
enjoy yourself,"...

	"Kasey Marie Chesire, what are you doing?!", Kasey looked up 
in confusion. This wasn't the studio. She shook her head to get back 
to reality and realized with horror where she was. Her mother shook 
her head "Kasey get off the kitchen counter and what are you doing 
with a spatula in your hand?", she asked bewildered. "Nothing", Kasey 
mumbled half in embarrassment, half in confusion. "Then go to your 
room and do your homework." her mother ordered.

	Kasey trudged up to her room and looked in disgust at her 
homework. The words started to blur and spin...

	Kasey looked around and was shocked to find herself in a 
jungle. She tore through the trees knowing well what she was there for, 
to find the legendary Kwaki so she could become famous. She looked up 
in a tall tree. There it was! There it was! She started to climb the 
tree when all of a sudden the branch cracked! Kasey screamed and 
everything went black...

	"Kasey, are you alright?", her mother stood in the doorway 
looking concerned but also downright annoyed. Kasey tried to turn but 
was held back by...curtains? "What on Earth did you do to your 
curtains?! Swing on them?" Kasey tried to answer but there just didn't 
seem to be an answer to this one. Her mother just shook her head and 
asked tiredly, "You think you can go to the store without killing 
yourself?" Kasey quickly nooded.

	Kasey walked slowly and lazilyu to the store. Her mind began 
to wander...

	The sky was black and Kasey was about to be killed by the 
Great Asphalt. She backed up, fear in her eyes. The end was near and 
all she could do was...

	AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!, Kasey howled. TLhe man backed up surprised by 
the sudden scream. "All I wanted to know was where Maple Ave is. ", 
he said walking away shaking. Kasey's heart was beating a mile a 
minute. She watched the man walk away and didn't quite know what to 

	Kasey continued to the store shaken. She shook her head and 
closed her eyes...

	Color flew around her and she spun around in wonder. Kasey 
didn't know what to make of it. She shook her head knowing it would 
take her back. Back to...where? She couldn't remember. Did she want to 
remember? Kasey's mind was swamped by fear, confusion and a strange 
sense of wonder all mixed in one...

	"Young lady, are you alright?", Kasey shook violently and 
refused to look up. "Somebody should call her parents", a voice yelled 
out. Kasey looked up. Where had all these people come from? "Do you 
have any parents, honey?", a very concerned man asked. Kasey shook 
unable to speak. "What's your phone number hon?", the man asked. Kasey 
found her voice and told him shakenly. "Are you sure?", he asked. 
Kasey nodded...


	"Kasey?!", a voice said. Kasey looked up. Her mother was 
standing there. "Are you okay?", her mother asked. Kasey's eyes filled 
with tears. She didn't know if she was alright She was afraid. More 
afraid then she had ever been.

	That night Kasey lay in bed. She couldn't think. She wouldn't 
think. For she knew, she knew that if she did they, whoever they were, 
would come back for her. As sleep took over, despite the protesting of 
what was left of her sanity, she drifted off and...

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