Muggle Dentists

"...but they're dentists so they're not that interesting."
  -JK Rowling

Welcome to what is, understandably, the only website dedicated to
Hermione's parents. Why am I building this? Cause I can and cause
most of the other characters were taken. I wanted to be orginal.
Admit it, this is original. The screencap above isn't though. That
was swiped. If it's yours speak up and I shall give you much credit.

What we know about Hermione's parents
1.They're dentists.
2.They're Muggles.
3.They appear to love their daughter very much.
4.They appear to be, while not rich, at least very comfortable.
5.They are easy going and accepting of the strange situation. Or at
least they are so far as we've seen them.

Questions about Hermione's parents
1.What are their first names?
2.How much about the magical world do they actually know?
3.Do they fear their daughter will abandon them for the wizarding world?

That last question concerns me the most. As Hermione is more pulled
into the interesting world of witches and wizards, will she forget
her Muggle connections? Does the comment on how Hermione's parents
wanted her to deal with her overbite with Muggle methods mean
something? Is it one of their small attempts to keep their daughter
somewhat rooted in their own world? They don't seem to be
overpowering or insanely determined to do this. They allow their
daughter to go off to visit her wizarding friends, even allowing her
to skip out on family vacations. It is said they are disappointed but
understanding. Hermione's parents aren't controlling and understand
that Hermione isn't completely part of their world anymore. I do
think they may be concerned of losing her altogether. The tight hug
her mother gives her at the end of OotP may be an indication of that.

Hermione's parents are not, as JKR says herself, that interesting,
but the viewpoint they have is. They are Muggles aware of the
wizarding world, and unlike the Dursley's are not overtly afraid or
disgusted by it. This shows a level of tolerance on their part and
even some bravery. They visit Diagon Alley with their daughter, which
must be very strange to them. They are friendly towards the
enthusiastic Mr Weasley and wary of the bigoted Mr Malfoy. It's
interesting to note that while they look worried, neither of them
makes a break for it. This may be because they were too scared to
move or it may mean Hermione's Gryffindor bravery comes from them.
Given that they were brave enough to come to a place where they're
virtually powerless, and have even faced goblins (quite a site for a
Muggle) at the bank, I'm prone to agree with the latter.

I fear somewhat for Hermione's parents. With the Death Eaters
returning to power, it's likely Muggles will get killed. Since
Hermione is dear to Harry, I see it likely her parents will get
targeted. This is yet to be seen though.

more thoughts when and if I come up with them