Couples in Digimon I Support

Taichi & Yamato: Well of course. It was the first couple I ever
supported in Digimon. It also has the pleasure of being one of the
first shounen-ai couples I ever supported. Though, at the risk of
sounding blasphemous I'm a tad tired of it now.

Taichi & Sora: Speaking of blasphemy, I support Taiora. Why, in
the name of all things holy, do I do this? Cause...I don't know. It's
cute and they're friends and it's cute. Hell, why not, with the crack
ending it's no threat to anyone now.

Taichi & Koushiro: The jock and the brain...well yes. See the
movie people and then tell me it isn't happening. Besides that look
at the first season. When Yama isn't around Taichi gravitates towards
Koushiro! He does! Go look!

Taichi & Daisuke: Double your goggle-boy pleasure! Come on 
people! Who in their right mind wouldn't like to see the leaders of
the Chosen get it on? Besides you...and you...oh shut up. The
important thing is I like it.

Yamato & Jyou: Cute! Squeaky! Jyou goes after Yama when he's
all angsty and then there's the restaurtant ep. I don't know it's just
really really adorable. There's something touching and beautiful there
if you just take the time out to look for it.

Yamato & Takeru: Ah yes brotherly love...taken to the extreme.
This is the coupling that keeps me from entering polite society. Then
again, polite society is filled with boring losers. Incest ahoy!

Yamato & Ken: Pardon me while I drool. The two angsty pretty
boys of Digimon together is just an overload on the old libido.
There's just so much potential for a comfort filled poetry dripping
relationship here. Ah...pain so enriches the artist's soul.

Sora & Mimi: Pretty and cute and wonderful. There's not nearly
enough of this floating around. They obviously care for each other and
their relationship is very touching if you really pay attention.

Sora & Jyou: It does make sense believe it or not. They're
probably the most mature of the Chosen and they seem to have a good
chemistry. Plus, while I mock the very existance of the ending of 02,
I can't help but smile at where Jyou and Sora are standing. That's 
right. Right next to each other.

Sora & Miyako Dammit why does Sora need to be so hated? It
keeps me from properly gushing over my favorite couples! I love these
two together and there's all of like one page to it. It doesn't even
have a flippin mailing list! Soryako is cute people! Cute and it
deserves to be admired. So everybody go find a pic of them together
and oooh and ahhh or I will be very angry. *seethes and then slowly
calms down* Uh..I'm sorry that won't happen again. Uh...good couple.
Moving on.

Mimi & Jyou *melts in happy goo* Sweet and beautiful to the
extreme. I couldn't even begin to completely explain just what it is
about these two that causes happiness to bounce around in me. They
just other reason needed.

Mimi & Koushiro There are less moments for these two, but hey
moments aren't everything. The important thing is that the idea of
the princess and the computer geek together makes me go awwwww. Let's
all go awwww together. Mishiro...awwwwww.

Mimi & Miyako I saw Family Picnic. Did you see Family Picnic?
If so, how could you even doubt? I'm sorry nobody has fantasies like
that for their sister...not without having some serious issues to
clear up. Anyway, it's pretty and vaguely amusing. Perfect.

Jyou & Koushiro I didn't at first cause I didn't understand it
and truth be told, while I think it's adorable I still don't competely
get it. But who am I to stand in the way of geeky love. May I find my
way into the true heart of Jyoushiro.

Jyou & Takeru It makes no sense and it's completely at the
fault of fanfiction. Though for me it proves that once you get into
a couple you start to see it in the show. Funny I never noticed the
significance of Jyou saving Takeru before...and hey look they're alone
together there too...huh. Still...

Jyou & Miyako Wow...another that makes little sense. I wish I
had a reason, but I don't. I just like it. It seems to make sense in
my deranged little mind.

Jyou & Iori Squishy! Cuteness to the maximum. I love those two
together, it's just beyond adorable. Iori crushes on Jyou and Jyou
does care for Iori. Yes, Iori is too young now, but hey he'll get

Koushiro & Hikari For some unfathomable reason, I do. I 
couldn't even begin to say why either. At least with this one there
are a number more. It's cute and should be encouraged.

Koushiro & Miyako Oh damn yeah! Miyako is so Koushiro's bitch,
and oddly enough Koushiro is Miyako's bitch. It's a give and take
relationship. This is one Miyako crush I can fully support. Go

Koushiro & Ken Why aren't there any pages?? Incredibly smart
people doing inappropriate things to each other deserve pages! Yes
they only had one conversation but the chemistry in that one
interaction! *drool*

Takeru & Hikari Bypassing the psycho scary fans who think if
you support them with anyone else you're commiting a crime against
nature, Takari is quite nice. There's a knight in shining armor kind
of thing going on there. Quite pleasant.

Takeru & Iori

Hikari & Daisuke

Hikari & Miyako

Hikari & Ken

Daisuke & Miyako

Daisuke & Ken 

Miyako & Iori

Well wasn't that fun? No? Oh well.

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