Dreamland Part 1

Um...okay. Was anyone else humming the theme song to Quantum Leap 
while they watched this ep? I kept expecting Al to show up. This ep
had its good points though. Here's what I liked:

1.Big explosion of the gas station. As a full blooded American I enjoy
a good explosion.

2.Mulder, dancing in front of the mirror, in his underwear. Reminded 
me of that episode of "I Love Lucy" where Lucy dresses up like Harpo
Marx. Anybody see that? Hilarious! Only Lucy wasn't in her underwear
which is a good thing cause the censors back then would have had a 
heart attack.

3.The expression on Mulder's(who was actually Morris)face right after
they switched bodies. He looked so shocked and vunerable and mmmmmmmm
Oh yeah! Just made ya wanna jump him right there.

4.The guy who played Morris. I like him and I know him from someplace
but I can't remember from where. Write me and tell me.

What I didn't like:

1.Mulder is in a strange body in a strange house and he watches a porn
flick. "Ho-hum, trapped in somebody else's body while gov't cover-ups
whirl around me. Don't know if I can fix it. Guess I'll watch the 
Spice Channel."

2.Scully's complete cluelessness. "Mulder" is acting weird (she even
admits that) and somebody else claims to be Mulder who acts more like
Mulder and she doesn't believe him!!!!!!! I know, I know, if she 
wasn't skeptical it wouldn't be Scully but...really.

3.Morris' family. Poor Morris. God, what a pack of dysfunctional bad
actors. I don't have to say anything. If you saw the ep you know what
I'm talking about.

4.Right after Mulder drives away from the gas station and the camera
just kinda sits there. I'm thinking "Great, the cameraman fell asleep"
One minute I'm watching the X-Files, the next I'm watching a 
doucumentary on tumbleweeds.

5.When Morris comes out in the cloud of cigarette smoke. My brain
went "Yipee Cigarette Smoking Man....oh...no...wait" No. Not CSM!

6.To Be Continued...they are the embodiment of pure evil.

Well that's it. Be back next week with Part 2

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