Darkwing Duck Quotes

These are various quotes I liked from DWD episodes...now some of
these eps I haven't seen in about a billion years so I may misquote
occasionally. If I do then write to me and tell me what
was actually said.


Drake: Anything to make Binkie Muddlefoot shut up.

Darkwing: Hold the mayo, you're not Megavolt, you're Tuskerninni, in
a really bad Megavolt diguise.

Darkwing: Excuse me? It's electrogun...and that's a hand vacuum.

Tuskerninni: Yes I am a reformed criminal and...how much did you say?
Drake: One hundred billion dollars.
Tuskerninni: I'm not that reformed.

All's Farenheit in Love and War

Darkwing: Why do I attract all the weirdos?
Lauchpad: I don't know, maybe it's the mask.

Darkwing: I have been burned and frozen. What do I look like? Leftovers?

Apes of Wrath

Darkwing: If at first you don't succeed, use your head. And if that
doesn't work, try something bigger.

Gosalyn: Hey Dad, bout time you got here. Is this place cool or what?
Darkwing: I'll opt for, or what.

Darkwing: No way Gosalyn, you're too young to explode.

Lauchpad: No thanks, blowing up irritates my stomache.

The Villian Guy: You cowards!!! Wait for me. AAAAAAAAAH!

Darkwing: And now to...crash.

Darkwing: Not a bad crash...Launchpad would be proud.

Beatrice: Ah, Darkwing Duck. You're just in time for tea.
Launchpad: And with a slice of banana just how I like it.

Bad Luck Duck

Negaduck: It's party time! (one of my fav quotes simply cause Negaduck
then precedes to cut down a telephone pole which lands on a car)

Negaduck: Well if it isn't the terror that trips in the night.

Battle of the Brainteasers

Drake: Oh no, it's the Whiffle Kid. Like he's not going to sit on my
head again. Callously crushed by the collasol kid.

Gosalyn: Mmmm...vanilla. Tank on the warpath again?

Gosalyn: Now there won't be anything left to sell.

Honker/Flurg...Flogg...I gotta rewatch some of these: Ah a devilish
display of Dilactay Digit Fighting eh. *then proceeds to trash Tank*

Gosalyn: Where'd you learn to do that? That was way cool, it's some
kind of ninja thing right? And where do you keep getting all these
weird hats? Nice eyes though...eyes?

Darkwing: Tweren't nothing.
Gosalyn: Hey, maybe for you.

Bearskin Thug