Til the End of Time Part One

Disclaimer: The only character in this part I don't own is Megavolt..
and the brief mention of Hamburger Hippo..both are Disney's. All other
characters are mine.

Thanks:Julie for giving me the initial courage to write this, to Aero
who supported me even when she didn't want to, to John who listened to
me rant, and to Lauderdale who makes me feel like my fics are worth a
lot more then they are.

"I swear to protect the order and to serve well the Masters of Time. 
I am the Keeper of the Sacred Pocketwatch. I am Keeper Fedora like 
my fathers before me. Blessed be the name of Sebastien who was the 
first of the chosen. Blessed be the name of Chronos who bestowed 
upon us the gift. Blessed be the Guardians who have died for their 
teachings. Hear my promise Masters and etch it in the flow of time. 
From Here where our kingdom lies to There where we hold sway. Time 
is everything." Ricia slowly opened her eyes and stared at the 
pocketwatch. "Time is everything", she softly mumbled again. She 
pushed herself away from the desk, once again cursing the 
wheelchair. She had long since been too weak to walk anymore and the 
doctor had said it was best. It still sucked. She frowned as she 
caught a glimpse of her reflection. Her brown and black hair had 
gone silver and her eyes had darkened. She shook her head. No point 
dwelling on it.

She wheeled herself into the kitchen where her husband was trying to 
cook dinner. She smiled. He had actually turned out to be a decent 
cook, surprisingly enough. It was good cause her cooking was 
hazardous to a person's health. "Hey honey, what's cooking?"

Megavolt rolled his eyes and smiled. He leaned over to kiss her. 
"It's a surprise."

Ricia frowned. "Should I be worried?"

Megavolt stirred something. "No. I got the recipe from a very nice 
vending machine downtown."

Ricia was about to ask what a vending machine could possibly know 
about cooking but they decided it wasn't worth it. "Where're the 

Megavolt thought for a moment. "Thompson said something about going 
to a friend's house and Indiglo's in her room."

"No I'm not"

Ricia turned to see her daughter walk in the room. Indiglo Emperion 
Sputterspark or just plain Indi, had waist length rust colored hair 
and crystal blue eyes. Unlike Thompson, she had inherited her 
mother's avian features and had cream colored feathers, however,she 
was every bit as feminine as Ricia was not. This was caused mostly 
by one of her friends making a comment about her "freakish 
cross-dressing mother". Ricia didn't mind though. Whatever made her 
daughter happy was fine by her..as long as it didn't involve bail 

Indi looked into the pot. "Looks great Dad. Vending machine?"

Megavolt smiled with pride. "Yup. Downtown."

Ricia shook her head in wonderment. She was always surprised by 
Indi's uncanny ability to understand the electrical appliances the 
way her father did. No matter how hard Ricia tried she couldn't 
quite grasp the concept. Oh she adored the toasters and treated 
every last gadget in the house with respect...but she envied her 
husband's and daughter's gift sometimes. She pushed the thought away 
and looked up at her daughter. "Do you know where Thompson went? I 
need to speak with him."

Indi frowned and smiled slightly. "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Ricia put a hand to her chest in mock horror. "You killed him and 
buried him in the backyard didn't you?"

Indi crossed her arms. "Who told??"

Megavolt laughed but then looked worried. "You didn't...did you?"

Indi looked surprised. "No! I swear by the Masters I haven't touched 
one funky hair on his troll like head."

"Oh really Princess of Dorktavia?", Thompson walked into the room 
looking amused. "Have you gazed upon your own horrific persona this 

Indi raised a hand which started to spark with electricity. Thompson 
did the same. Megavolt dashed between them while Ricia idly wondered 
about how much fabric softener the household  went through each 

Megavolt grabben both their arms. "That's enough! You know the rules 
about electrocuting each other. Now give your sibling a hug."

Thompson sneered. "I'd rather lick the floor of a Hamburger Hippo."

Indi sneered back. "That's the only action you'll ever see."

Megavolt's mouth dropped open. "That's it. Go to your room Indiglo 
and you too..."

Ricia held up a hand. "Wait! Sorry Megs but I need to talk with 

Thompson looked quizzically at his mother while Indi stomped off to 
her room declaring the unfairness of it all. Megavolt shook his head 
mumbling something about teenage daughters, then turned back to his 
culinary masterpiece. Thompson followed Ricia into her workshop. It 
was his favorite room in the lighthouse. Filled with clocks and 
clock parts, there was a peace and tranquility in there that he just 
couldn't get anywhere else.

Ricia picked up a handful of springs and studied them for awhile. 
Finally she looked up at her son and smiled sadly. Thompson frowned 
and knelt down. "Mother? Are you alright?" He looked into her eyes 
and his face twisted in pain. "Mother?"  She reached other and 
ruffled his hair...something she hadn't done since he was a young 
kid. "Mother I'm too old for that! I'm seventeen!" Ricia sat back. 
"You're never too old. But anyway this doesn't concern your maturity 
level...or maybe it does. Have you been studying?"

Thompson looked slightly guilty. "Some...Father has gone through it 
with me. Why can't you teach me...?"

Ricia shook her head. "We've been through this. The Keeper cannot 
teach the Heir. That's what the Guardian is for...and to protect you 
when it's your turn."

Thompson frowned. He looked at his mother. Unlike his little sister, 
who was four years younger then him, he could remember when his 
mother was stronger. He hated how she was slowly getting weaker and 
weaker as the years...no as the months went by. He wrapped his arms 
around her in an awkward embrace and mumbled a prayer half from a 
distant memory. "May the Masters protect the Keeper who protects all 
from the impending chaos."

Ricia hugged him back. "And protect the Heir who shall follow the 
Keeper's way"



"Have...the Masters called for you?"

Ricia pulled away and patted her son on the cheek. "Go study."

Thompson watched his mother turn away and engage herself in an old 
clock. He knew the conversation was over, but he had a feeling his 
troubles were just beginning.

End of Part One.

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