Til the End of Time Part Two

Disclaimer: Once again the only one I don't own is Megavolt and he 
is...once again Disney's. He is his own and I do not claim him but 
merely allow my mind to occupy that wonderous place where he is.

Thanks:To Mandy who helped me name this thing, Travis for being so 
bloody ethusiastic about the first part, also to all others who 
praised the first part.

"I'm not an invalid! Put me down!"

"And you plan on what? Rolling down the stairs?"

Ricia scowled but finally relented. Havng Megavolt carry her 
downstairs to the car was romantic....in a goofy, humiliating kind 
of way. They couldn't live in a normal house..noooo. They had to 
live in a place with the world's longest staircase. Stairs were 
evil. Stairs were created just so one day Ricia Fedora-Sputterspark 
would have to humble herself enough to carried down them. She had a 
brief fantasy about beating their creator senseless. She snickered.

"Um...Ricia? What's so funny?"

"Hmmm? Oh nothing."

Megavolt looked at her strangely but dropped the subject. He didn't 
actually enjoy carrying Ricia anymore then she liked being carried. 
It was hard for him to face how much her strength had depleted. The 
beautiful strong woman he had married had been replaced by a frail 
creature who he feared would wither away. He kissed her softly.

She was startled. "What was that for?"

"I...I love you."

She smiled. "I love you too." She looked back at the staircase they 
had descended. "But I hate those damn stairs!"

He frowned. "Maybe, we could build some kind of elevator..." He 
looked down to see his wife's eyes drooping closed. She buried her 
head in his shoulder. He shook her gently. "I'm sorry Ricia, but the 

Ricia forced herself to stay awake. "The concert. Thompson and Indi 
worked so hard. I'm awake. I'm alright."

He placed her in the passenger's seat of the car then dashed back 
upstairs to get her wheelchair. When he returned she had already 
slumped forward asleep. Well...there wasn't any harm in her sleeping 
on the way. Maybe then she could get through the concert. Maybe. He 
carefully buckled her seatbelt before getting into the car himself.
Indiglo hated performing. She hated all those eyes staring at her. 
Not like Thompson, he was used to being stared at. It wasn't 
everyday one saw a purple rodent after all. She watched him pick up 
his violin and play a short warm up. He was fantastic and for a 
brief moment Indi was proud. But the pride was soon replaced by 
sadness. No matter how hard she tried, she could never be him. She'd 
never be the Heir. Always the second born...always second best. Her 
parents insisted that she was important. Insisted she was every bit 
as important and talented as her brother. There were no favorites. 
No favorites?? Then why? Why did Mom and Dad spend so much with him? 
Why didn't the Masters answer her? She believed! She was a good 
servant! Why??


"Huh?" Her brother was staring at her.

"The Masters don't answer me either."

Indi's face paled. "Wha...? How?"

Thompson turned and walked towards the stage. The concert was about 
to begin and he didn't want to be yelled at. Indi grabbed her flute 
and dashed after him still confused.

"The time has come."

"My lord?"

"We have our chance. The time is now?"


He did indeed see the irony in his words but no matter. Truth was 
truth...and time was time. For now anyway. He studied the duck 
kneeling in front of him. So loyal...so idiotically loyal. But he 
was needed. Noticing his lord's gaze he looked up in confusion.

"M-my lord? Have I done something to offend?"

Chaos leaned back. "No...no Richard you've done nothing to offend. 
Now leave. Find the Keeper...and the Heir. We have business."

Richard Fedora, he whose name was forbidden in the Order of Time, 
jumped to his feet and eagerly ran off to find those he once called 


Megavolt blinked open his eyes. It was still dark out. He looked 
over at Ricia in confusion. She had overworked herself that day, so 
determined to stay awake to hear her children play. They had both 
played beautifully and even Megavolt,who normally didn't care for 
classical had been moved. "Ricia?"

His wife's body shook and her eyes were tightly shut. "So cold. 
Don't leave me. Please, please don't leave me."

It wasn't the first time it had happened. For months Ricia had had 
fits of terror in her sleep. They were all the same. At first they 
had startled Megavolt. He had thought she was having a nightmare. 
They kept returning each more frantic then the last. He had learned 
to stay calm...but who was he kidding? He was scared as hell. 
"Ricia. Ricia it's alright. Can you hear me? It's alright. I'm 
here...I'm not leaving." He pulled Ricia closer to him, trying to 
get her to stop shivering. 

She clung to him. "They're coming. They're coming." Her cries rose 
in pitch and she pushed away from him. 

Megavolt sat up in surprise. "Ricia?" Her eyes were open but it was 
clear that whereever Ricia was, it wasn't with him. It was damn 
frustrating. He wanted to protect her...but how? How could he fight 
agaist something that didn't seem to be there? His powers were 
useless agaist whatever was destroying her.

"Now...now....time is now. Time is now. The Heir must be ready. No 
time. No time. The Keeper...she...she..." The clocks chimed and 
Ricia fell into Megavolt's arms.

End of Part Two

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