Til the End of Time Part III

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This cannot happen

This cannot be allowed!

The Heir cannot be swayed,

The Keeper is irrelevent now.

We face the Traitor

"Mr. Sputterspark?"

Thompson blinked open his eyes and looked at the teacher. It was a 
substitute and Thompson had allowed his mind to wander. Bad idea.

"Mr. Sputterspark, if it's quite alright with you, I'd appreciate if 
you could stay awake."

Thompson nodded. "Sorry Mr. Haberdasher, won't happen again."

The teacher frowned and studied Thompson for a moment, causing the 
boy to shudder inwardly and make a quick circular motion with his 
hand. Mr. Haberdasher, a cream colored duck with brown hair and 
green eyes, took a step back. Then he smiled. A cold smile.

Richard had found the Heir.
"But I don't want to stay in bed!"

"You are sick and you are staying put! Now eat your soup."

"I don't want soup. I want to get up!"


"Don't talk to your mother like that!"

Indy sighed. There had been a bomb scare at the junior high so she 
was home early. Her father had to step out to get a few things, but 
he had left instructions that her mother was not to move. Her mother 
wasn't being very cooperative though. Indy frowned as she noticed 
something strange. Her mother wasn't whining anymore, but she 
figured that was just because she had fallen asleep again. No, there 
was something else. It was quiet. Too quiet.

The clocks had stopped.

Indy's eyes widened as she stared at the figure on the bed. "Mom? 
Mom??" She reached into her mother's pocket and clasped the watch. 
She clutched it to her chest. "You can't have her! Oh please not 
yet! Dad and Thompson aren't here! Please! Please Masters not yet!" 
She started to sob.

Ricia's eyes snapped open. "Thompson!"

Indy stopped and stared. "Mom? Oh Mom!" She flung her arms around 
Ricia's neck and let her tears fall. 

Ricia was surprised but hugged her daughter back. She pulled Indy 
away and looked at her. "Thompson is in trouble. I have to go. 
Please Indy, it's important."

Indy blinked a few times. Then she ran to get her coat.
Megavolt sat back in the driver's seat. He had been to a few doctors 
in search of anything that would make Ricia more comfortable. Her 
disease was so uncommon that no doctor could prescribe anything but 
rest. He had argued with one so badly that he had been bodily thrown 
out. Course it didn't help that the particular doctor had been one 
of the ones working at the hospital when Megavolt decided to cut off 
their electricity all those years ago. Whoops.


Megavolt slammed his foot on the brake and was almost hit from 
behind. A car sweared by his, it's driver giving him a death stare. 


"Who...? Who's there?" Megavolt looked around him, getting ready to 
zap the intruder.

"We are not there. We are here. And you are required."

"Required for what?"

"The Heir must be protected."

"The Heir? Thompson? What's wrong with Thompson?"

"The Heir must be protected. He will be required."

Megavolt felt a headache coming on. "Required? He's required?"

"The Order must have a Keeper."

"You have a Keeper!"

"He will be required."

Megavolt stared ahead of him in confusion. He will be required? But 
that meant...Ricia!
"I'm sorry Mr. Haberdasher. I shouldn't have been daydreaming. Can I 
go now?"

Richard looked closely at Thompson, making the boy extremely 
uncomfortable. He raised his hand to make the circular gesture but 
his hand was grabbed by Richard.

"Stop that! It won't work! They can't protect you. Not anymore."

Thompson stared wide-eyed at him. He was terrified. "Please. Let me 

"No. You are the bait. You will lure the Keeper here."

"Mother? Leave her alone!" Thompson raised his hand which sparked 
with electricity. Suddenly a pain shot through his body and he 
dropped his hand.

Chaos walked into the room. "Now,now boy. None of that."

"You...you're..." Thompson shook in terror. He looked over at 
Richard. "You're not a teacher are you?"

Richard smiled. "I was once. But I found a better use for my life. I 
now serve Chaos. As will you."

"Never! I am of the blood Fedora! I will never betray the Order"

Chaos shrugged. "Do or don't. Either way you will be dealt with. As 
will the Keeper"

Megavolt flew into the lighthouse at top speed. "Ricia? Indy? 
Thompson? Anybody?" He walked into his bedroom and looked at the 
unkempt bed.

The empty unkempt bed.

Ricia was gone.


"Mom, are you okay?"

Ricia breath was becoming shallow and forced but she nodded. "I'm....
I'm alright honey. Just...just...."

Indy nodded and pushed the wheelchair into St Canard High School.


Chaos smiled. "The Keeper approaches."

Thompson swallowed his fear. "Leave her alone! She's sick!"

Chaos looked at him. "I know, young Heir. The Keeper is dying. She 
is very weak. Too weak to prevent me from taking the first step." He 
motioned out the window.

Thompson gasped at the storm outside.





I'm scared. I'm so scared Tommy

Richard looked at him surprised. "So the bond between the Keeper's 
children is true."

Chaos looked bored. "Hmm..yes. Very interesting. But the girl is 
unimportant for now. She'll die with everyone else."

"I will not allow that Chaos"

Thompson turned to look at his mother and his sister. Indy looked at 
scared as he felt, but his mother looked perfectly calm.

"Come now Keeper, be reasonable.", Chaos motioned to the maelstrom 
outside. "It's beautiful in a way."

Ricia glared. "It is not! It's an abomination of everything my 
family has fought to protect!"

"Protect at what cost?"

"That doesn't matter."

"Doesn't matter? You pay with your life and your soul! Did you tell 
the young Heir that? Did you tell him he would die the same slow 
death as you?"

"It's an honor!"

"An honor to die for time?"

"We all die for time."

"Not so Keeper! I will never die for time. Nor will my servants"

"No instead your servants will be forced to live in that storm out 
there! Driven to pure insanity and eventual death as their own lives 
are cancelled out! Well I won't let it happen! As long as Fedora 
blood still flows you cannot win!"

Chaos grew quiet for a moment, studying Ricia carefully, "I am aware 
of that. You will not leave here alive."

Richard looked up. "Nor will your children."

Ricia turned to look at the traitor. "Nor will you."

Richard paled. "What are you talking about? Is that a threat?"

Ricia sighed. "No. It is not. You are a Fedora. He won't allow you 
to live."

"I am not a Fedora! I...I left the Order! I am the Traitor remember?"

"As long as Fedora blood flows. Any Fedora blood...and that includes 

"No! No it doesn't! I was promised immortality! I was promised!" He 
turned a confused and scared look at Chaos, "My lord? I'm not! I'm 
not of Fedora!"

Chaos smiled. "You are Richard Fedora...you are a Fedora. You have 
served your purpose."

Richard backed away. "No! Please my lord! Please don't do this! 
There is nothing for me on the other side! There is nothing for me!"

"That is not my concern."

Ricia stood up from her wheelchair. "Leave him Chaos. This is our 

Chaos looked at her. "You wish to die on your feet? Admirable."

Ricia raised her hand. "Skip with the pleasantries! If we fight, we 
fight now!"

"Agreed! The Order will die this night!"

A green light encased Ricia as she brought out the pocketwatch. 
"We'll see Chaos"

Meanwhile, Richard had gone over to Thompson. "I will prove my 
worth! I will kill the Heir." He raised a knife but was tackled by a 
small figure.

Thompson flinched. "Indy! Indy get away from him!"

Indy screamed as Richard plunged the knife towards her chest. 
Suddenly a bolt of electricity hit him and he collapsed.

Thompson looked up. "Father?! How did you get through that storm?"

Megavolt looked confused. "What storm?"

Thompson chuckled as Indy ran to hug their father, "I love you 
Father...don't ever change."

Megavolt smiled, but the smile quickly turned to a frown. "Where is 
your mother?"

Indy silently gestured to the battle. Megavolt was startled to see 
Ricia standing but was more surprised to see the green light that 
encased her and the blue light that encased the other person. They 
shot as each other with the same colored light. He stepped forward 
to help his wife but was pulled back. He turned to glare and 
possibly electrocute the person. He was startled to see himself 
looking at his son.

Thompson looked sad. "We shouldn't interfere, Father. Mother 
wouldn't want us to. She has to fight this battle...alone."

Megavolt stared at Thompson, then looked at his daughter. She simply 
nodded her head. He turned angerly away but consented. His Ricia 
didn't want to die in a bed, wasted away into nothing. Too weak to 
breathe. She wanted to die on her feet, fighting for what she 
believed in. She wanted to die avenging her parents' deaths. He 
didn't completely understand but he would grant her wish. Even if it 
meant losing her.

Ricia was too busy defending herself against Chaos' attacks to 
notice what was going on around her. The light was intensfying. 
Masters help me...please.

"Don't be afraid."

Ricia gasped at the sight in front of her. A young purple duckling 
stood smiling at her. Outfitted in black and grey robes she looked 
older and more elegant then her age should have allowed. Ricia 
blinked back tears. "You're...you're me? How? Why?"

The young Ricia laughed. "You gave up your soul? Yes, but only for 
awhile. I am what you lost Ricia. The Masters will return to you 
what you have lost. It is time!"

"And time is everything"

Ricia's husband and her children looked in shock as the Ricia turned 
from Chaos and tossed the watch to Thompson. She smiled calmly at 
them and dropped to her knees. Chaos' blue light engulfed her.

A thousand voices spoke. "We have our Keep returned to us. Welcome 
the new Keeper."

Thompson looked at the watch and at his mother's still form. He 
aimed for Chaos who had fallen to his own knees in exhaustion.

The Lord of Chaos looked up and laughed. "No, this battle is not 
yours. But rest assure young Keeper...it will be." With that he 
disappeared in a flash of blue light.

"Will he be alright, Dad?"

"Of course Bright Eyes! He has the knowledge of all the Keepers with 

Ricia stared through the glass of the pocketwatch as her son. He 
would be okay...but what of Megavolt and Indy?

Jakob knew his daughter's thoughts, "Thompson will protect Indy...
and Indy will protect her father. They have friends, they'll survive. And someday the Masters will make a place for them I promise."

Ricia just nodded, content to watch the scene enfolding before her.

Thompson placed the lit candle next to his mother's picture. He 
picked up the black fedora and stared and it a moment before placing 
it on his head. Holding up the pocketwatch he closed his eyes. "I 
swear to protect the order and serve well the Masters of Time. I am 
the Keeper of the Sacred Pocketwatch. I am a Keeper of the blood 
Fedora  like my mother before me and her fathers before her. Blessed 
be the name of Sebastien who was first of the chosen. Blessed be the 
name of Chronos who bestowed upon us the gift. Blessed be the 
Guardians who died for their teachings." Thompson opened his eyes 
and blew out the candle. "Blessed be the name of Ricia who served 
and honored the divine harmony." He sat down and bowed his head 
"Hear my promise Masters and etch it into the flow of time. From 
Here where our kingdom lies to There where we hold sway. Time is 

The End

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