Scarred For Life

Write Your Own Damn Digimon Ending

Okay by now almost every Digimon fan has been subjected to the horror
of the ending of 02. If you haven't I envy you and warn you this page
may have spoilers.

Even if you are one of the rare to like both the couplings that
resulted from this bizarre mockery of writing, you still probably 
hate the ending. I mean, Matt's an astronaut. Yeah...okay. Anyway...

This is a site that shall help you through the pain by submitting to
sweet denial. That's right we're going to pretend it never ever 
happened and write our own. Ah...delightful.


1.Keep in short. Just a short description of what happens to each
Digidestined will do nicely.

2.Include every main digidestined. You may also include other
characters if you wish but you must have our main kids.

3.Yaoi and Yuri are both allowed...I know this isn't a rule, I just
wanted to confirm this fact.

4.I was going to forbid death but I changed my mind. You must give a
cause of death though.

5.Absolutely no commenting on other's endings in your own ending.
Respect what people want to happen.

6.One ending per person...and no your various personalities don't
count as more people.

7.Sorato and Kenyako are both very much allowed. My personal opinion
means nothing in this. Feel free to put them or any other coupling
in your ending.

Alright that's it. My own ending will be put up soon. Please send your
endings my way

Teenaged Takeru's Ending contact here

El Juno's Ending contact here

Danielle-chan's Ending contact here

Lovely Sora's Ending contact here

Kenn Tong's Ending contact here

Soulful Ishida's Ending contact here

Kuroi Shi's Ending contact here

Sun-chan's Ending contact here

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