The Teenaged Takeru's Ending
Ken and Wormmon hooked up, and Ken spends the remainder of his days in the digiworld having 'personal time' with the worm. Daisuke, crushed, turned to the only other love in his life, Takeru. Sadly, Takeru was more interested in Iori. After years of not being able to handle his pedophilic tendencies and repeated failure as an author, he was driven to the brink and took his own life. He was found with a lethal mix of amphetamines and alcohol in his system. Daisuke whores himself out money nowadays. Miyako and Hikari, happy to have found each other, attended Miyazaki U. together and currently are unemployed, spending most of their days at one of the best new gay hangouts in Odaiba: Sora's flower arranging shop. Mimi added a second floor and a dance hall with some true style. The two live together in Heighton View Terrace scaring the hell out of their neighbors with their whipped cream antics. Taichi and Yamato moved to Denver where they and Willis bone quite frequently. Taichi is a gym instructor at the local high school, Yamato is a cook, and Willis works in the budding science of studying Digimon. It's been said that he and Terriermon do some special 'experiments' when Taichi and Yamato feel the need to act out one of the millions of lemons written aboutthem. Iori has been institutionalized after moving into a shack and planning the takeover of Japan. Jyou is STILL studying to be a doctor. He will ALWAYS be studying to be a doctor. Between passing out at the sight of blood and spending all together too much time with Gomamon instead of studying, it is expected that he will be forever supported by money from secret contributions sent from the digital world by Gabumon. Gabumon doesn't really mind because all that practice with Gomamon has really helped Jyou's 'performance.' Koushiro was caught viewing hentai images of Jyou underage and arrested several times following that incident for hacking into the digital world. He and Iori currently share a cell. Return to Scarred for Life