Moonkittie's Ending

This is my minute's thrown out ending to 02.

Marriages (all destined x destined):
Miyako x Hikari
Yamato x Jyou *grins foolishly*
Daisuke x Ken (this one was coming..)
Takeru x Iori
Any of the others didn't get married or married a nameless bloke.

Ken and Iori were going out, as were Daisuke and Takeru, but they got
in a huge fight. Sora and Miyako and Hikari forced them to go on
Jerry Springer, where Iori and Ken got in a huge fight. Iori punched
Ken in the eye and proceeded to beat up Ken, and Ken was there on the
ground, writhing around in pain. So Daisuke drops to the floor and he
helps Ken up, and Takeru calms Iori down...and the two couples click.
Daisuke helps Ken feel better, and they click when they stare into
each other's eyes. So they start kissing and then start making
out...Kindof the same thing with Takeru and Iori. And such.

Miyako and Hikari were Jogress Partners, so that clears up that.
'Nuff said.

Yamato and Jyou just grew closer over the years, and developed
crushes on each other, and then love for each other...and some such.
Taichi lost it at first because he wanted Yamato to be his, but then
he realized that Yamato would be more happy with Jyou so he gave up.

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