Why England is Really Cool

Why make this list? Well why not? I'm actually planning on making a 
few lists like this one. (Why Zaire is so Peachy Keen) If you've got
a favorite country you want to promote or if you want to add to a list
I already have...which currently would be this one...you can send me
a piece o'mail at masterfedora@hotmail.com Okay now the list:

1.Malcolm McDowell
2.Tim Curry
3.Jonathan Pryce
4.William Shakespeare
5.Christopher Marlow
6.Whose Line is it Anyway?
7.Are You Being Served?
8.Monty Python
10.Count Duckula
11.Sherlock Holmes
12.Harry Potter
13.The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
14.Red Dwarf
15.The vast amount of English people
16.Big Ben...and the clock it's attached to (Big Ben is the bell)
17.tea and crumpets
18.The Beatles
19.Lewis Carroll
20.forks...no really forks
21.The Last Unicorn
22.Samuel Taylor Coleridge