This is the place, where you the respected reader can ask me questions
like "What were you on when you wrote this?" and "Do you know what
continuity means?" I'll answer every idiotic question given to me
about the TimeKeeper Series or Tea and Crumpets. I'll also answer
questions about the two After Hours I've written.

Okay now the warnings. 1.I'm a fickle person and answers are subject
to change within a hour of my first putting them up. 2.There will be
spoilers in this. If you haven't read the entire series...why not?
Er...I mean be careful what answers you read. I could divide this by
story but I don't really feel like it.

And here are the questions:

1.What the &@#! happened at the end of "Just One Moment of Time"? 

Sebastien kills Erik and Vincent. Erik dies so he can't corrupt the 
Fedora line by having anymore children. Vincent dies simply cause
he's in the way. Simple enough.

2.What is your policy on MSTings?

Go ahead. Just let me see it when you're done and at least wait until
I finish a story before you MST it.

3.What is up with all the purple?

It all deals in firsts. If you're a first of a Keeper you're purple.
Chronos is purple because he was the first mortal Keeper (yes he was
orginally mortal), Sebastien is purple because he's the first Fedora
Keeper, Ricia is purple because she's the first female Keeper and
Thompson is purple because he's the first non-avian Keeper and the
first Fedora Keeper not to bare the Fedora name.

4.Why does damaging the pocketwatch effect the Keeper?

When the Heir becomes Keeper part of his soul is given to the watch. 
This allows the watch to work on his lifes energy. When he dies he's
given back the part of the soul he lost.

5.Explain the whole Here, There, Everywhere thing.

Here is where Chronos, Indiglo and the Masters exist. It's where time
is maintained basically. There is where we exist. Our world is
composed entirally of There. Everywhere is where the members of the
Order go when they die. It exists in the pocketwatch.

6.Did you know pocketwatch is actually spelt pocket watch?

Er...not when I started the page. I learned later. But I like it as
a single word so...*shrug*

7.Why does Ricia cross-dress?

Because she's influenced by all the Keepers before her and they were
all male. Keeper's get some of the knowledge of the former Keepers
after their initiation and all that maleness must have effected Ricia.

8.Who is JJ Thompson?

JJ Thompson was the discoverer of the electron. I thought it was an
appropriate and somewhat more original thing to name Megavolt and
Ricia's son.

9.What is the Keeper's disease?

The watch runs on the Keeper's life energy so eventually it will sap
all the energy from the Keeper. This slow deteriation is called the
Keeper's disease since it only effects Keepers. To date only two
Fedora Keepers haven't died from it.

10.What is with all the tea? Are you English?

Am I English? Well partly...I'm partly alot of things. The tea is
actually important, it replenishes the energy of the Keeper. Not
enough to stop the Keeper diease but enough to ease some of the 

11,How could Ricia and Megavolt have kids? They're not even the
same genus!

It's not National Geographic...get over it.

12.Chronos and Chaos are from Greek mythology aren't they?

Yup! And like many others before me I'm using them for my own purposes
I'm sure they don't mind though. After all they get dinky little
paragraphs in books and are virtually ignored. I'm doing them a favor.
Really! Don't hurt me!

13.What is the relationship between Ian and Jakob?

I stated this in Pride but I got asked again so here it is. Jakob and
Ian were best friends,practically like brothers.

14.What happened to Ian?

He died. I know I never discussed that in the stories and shame on me.
But it was always in my mind that he died about four months after 
Indiglo was born, of a heart attack.

15.Okay in "The Ashes Seem To Scatter" it says the spirit of 
Nicholas looks Thompson's age. Does that mean he was Thompson's age
when he died? That seems rather young if he had a kid (Jakob).

Okay this should've been explained. See when a Keeper dies he becomes
the age halfway between his initiation age (when he became Keeper) and
the age of his death. To clear something else up, all Guardians become
the same age as the Keepers they're associated with. Oh and Nicholas
did die young, he was only 29.

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