Life? What's That?

I think this page is down but it needs to be updated anyway so *shrug*

The Suckariffic Darkwing Duck Page
Behold the worst Darkwing Duck site in the universe. Oooh...aaaah.

Torture the Becky
That's the title folks. It's not listed in any links page as that but
believe me that's the title. It's not anti-Becky though.

My Beloveds
*drool* The reasons to still draw air.

The Completely Hopelessly Out of Date X-Files Reveiws
Read the ones I've got and then hope someday I'll write more.

Pathetic Newbie's Anime Page
Various character shrines that make real otakus wanna bitchslap me.

Jughead and Betty Forever
Uh...*blink* Okay.

Beyond Touch
A loving but somewhat pathetic shrine to the villian of
Mutant X, Mason Eckhart.

Muggle Dentists
A small but I hope interesting shrine to Hermione's parents. No I'm
not kidding.

Stuff and Whatnot
A place for other fanfic by me and other fanart by others. Whee fun.