Two Fathers

Incredible...absolutely incredible.

Things I liked

1.Lot's of CSM! WHOO-HOO!

2.Didn't want to punch out Spender as much in this episode. Maybe just
smack him around.

3.Speaking of which: CSM whacking him across the face was amusing.

4.Close up of lime jello.

5.Burning people left and right

6.Cassandra Spender...just a great character...wonder how long she'll

7.That guy's house...I want that house. Can I have it? He won't need
it anymore.

8.Scully convincing Mulder to take an X-File...nice switch-off

9.The fact I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen.

Things that just bugged me.

1.CSM's real name is...something really stupid and cheezy and it's an
alias! Booooooooooooooo!

2.Spender rips alien's face off...ew.


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