people have wondered how I made friends

Agent Swift

One of my oldest and closest friends. We met in French class (Ou est 
ton text??) We both like Darkwing Duck, Disney cartoons in general,
and laughing ourselves sick. Hey Swift! Lobster Women! Swift is a fencing star! (Ha take that and that and 
a couple of these! I am not left-handed!) I can kick your butt in 
Jack! I found the Hercules comic you drew! Me as Hades! LOL! Wish I
had a scanner! She is also a Marilyn Manson fan. Go fig. Here's a link
to her site!

Go see Swift's site: 


My protege! I taught him everything he knows! Chris rules! He's almost
as nasty as me! Almost. He hasn't surpassed me! No he hasn't Swift!
Shut up! *pulls out chainsaw* I said shut up!!! Shoeshine Boy (my pet
name for Chris) is not very humble but he's lovable! He likes Tom 
Lehrer too. I can beat him senseless in Jack too. He owns the game!
C'mon my liege get with the program.


This guy is too cool for words! He does a great impression of both 
Joel and Dr. Forrester. And will do so on command. He loves my poetry,
watches Darkwing and MST3K with me and just is all around a great guy
to hang out with. No sax please-we're Egyptian. No yaks please-we're
Tibetan. There are werewolves at the bottom of my garden. Raw cookie
dough...mmmmmm. Charles Solomon sucks! M-M-M-MA-MA-MANOS!!!!!

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