Fellow Joel-girls of the world unite!! Kelly one of my first real
Net friends,loves MST3K and JOEL!!!!!! Joel is hers though...I get
Dr. F!! Trace!!! Lime green labcoat...yummy...cheese popcorn...huh?
Oh yeah! Kelly is really cool cause she sent me episodes with Joel and
Trace. Whoa! Total sensory overload. We're working on a fanfic for 
MST3K which will be out sometime between now and whenever. I'll post
a link to it when we finish.


One of my fellow TaleSpinner. She supports my site and my creative
endeavors. Like the current attempt at TaleSpin fanfic I'm working on.
Alyson's fanfic rules and links to her stories will be put up. Hey Aly
e-mail me!!! She's working on a page and you will go there. Yes you
will. The Ricia has declared it to be so...therefore it must be so.


She is the wonderous person who drew a pic for "Where the Daisies 
Grow" She is such a great artist! I stand in awe at her talent. Wow
and stuff. If you haven't gawked and drooled over it, go to my 
TaleSpin page and do! It just so rules.

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