Hidden Sun

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. Well...obviously I don't own
Digimon. Who'd be stupid enough to think I did? I'm just borrowing
their characters, they'll get them back. The song "Hidden Sun"
belongs to the extremely talented Barenaked Ladies. I am not worthy.
Oh and I changed the shes to hes...don't sue me.

Warnings. This is a Kensuke fic...meaning Ken and Daisuke...meaning
shounen-ai....meaning boys getting all lovey and squishy with other
boys. If this offends you...RUN! Run far and fast and don't look back.
*waits a minute* Okay, now that those losers are gone, enjoy the fic.

My first Digimon fic and my first songfic...so it'll probably suck.
Takes place after Ken's origin ep.

Suddenly things become unsound
Stumbling on the shaky ground
Given arrows to shoot tornados down
Shoot them down
To the ground

It's dark in my room. Dark and silent. All I hear is the sound of my
breathing and the breathing of the small Digimon beside me. Leafmon
snuggles up to me and that's makes me feel a little better. His
loyalty and my parent's support has made everything a little
better...but not completely.

It's my own fault I know. It's my hands stained with the blood of
millions of innocent creatures. My fault that I didn't realize the
truth sooner. I could never fully make up for what I'd done. But, I
thought as I closed my eyes, there was hope. He was still around and
he didn't hate me. He didn't hate me.

Saw a falling leaf, for good luck, jump to ground
Much to our surprise a butterfly
And it sunk in this inderation
In our lives

"Daisuke", my voice whispered into the darkness. Even before I had
realized the horrors of what I had done, he had tried to get through
to me. He had offered to help me. Why? What had he seen in me that
he thought I deserved his help? His compassion? His love?

Inside ourselves
A hidden sun
That burns and burns
But never does any harm to anyone

After I had reconciled with my parents I had gone for a walk to think
about things. After assuring them that I would return, my parents had
let me go, making me promise I wouldn't go far.

I didn't have to.

Daisuke was walking down the street towards me. He saw me and waved,
"Hey, Ken!"

I froze. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't face him. I turned to
flee back to my house but he grabbed my arm. I turned to look at him
and caught myself staring at his eyes. So full of compassion and
innocent forgiveness. How beautiful they were. I looked down quickly.
After everything I'd done I didn't deserve to look at him. I had done
horrible things to him. Tormented and humiliated him! He should hate
me! I felt a tear hit my hand and I broke down. I fell into his arms
sobbing like a small child. "Daisuke, please, I'm sorry. I'm so

Shivering madly in the dark
Like an animal abandoned at the carpark
And he held me and then he showed me the beauty of
The human heart

He held me close and rocked me back and forth, "Don't worry Ken,
you're a digidestined now. You're one of us. I'm not just going to
let you suffer all alone. I care about you Ken...I love you." He
choked a little and let go of me, "I'm sorry...I...Ken...oh God, I
shouldn't have said that."

I don't know why I did what I did next. Maybe it was my own overtaxed
emotions or maybe it was the look of embarrassment and fear on
Daisuke's face. I had to erase that look. I never wanted him to feel
that way because of me. I pulled him to me and kissed him. It started
off as a soft gentle kiss but escalated as our desperation kicked in.
When we finally released each other I looked in his eyes and was
touched to see the love and happiness in them. "Ai shiteru Daisuke."
His face brightened even more as I pulled him into an embrace. I held
him, marveling that I had done that. That I had caused him to be
happy. I buried my face in his hair and whispered, "Thank you,
Daisuke...I love you."

Inside ourselves
A hidden sun
That burns and burns
But never does any harm to anyone

The End

Okay. That was sappy. Please don't flame me too badly, I burn easily.

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