If this hasn't occured to you yet...well here it is.

Giovanni leader of Team Rocket and Dr Claw leader of MAD are eerily
similiar. Dr. Claw has no first name and Giovanni has no last name. 
I think it's the same guy.

1.Both have cats (G-Persian D-Madcat)
2.Both get beat by kids and animals (G-Ash and Pikachu D-Penny and
3.Both are leaders of seemily powerful groups
4.Both are never really seen
5.Both have incompatent lackeys (G-Jessie and James D-Mad henchmen)

Well what do you think?

Oh I know Giovanni has no name at all on the show but that spoils the
fun so :^P !

Blah blah Pokemon blah blah Nintendo blah blah don't sue me

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