Only Human

"You'll never be human"
Meowth is the most complicated of the Pokemon characters, at least I think he is. When he was in Hollywood he met a female Meowth named Meowsie. When he tried to woo her she rejected him because he was inferior. He wasn't human. Meowth learned to walk, talk and read like a human to please her. She still rejected him. He was broken hearted and alone but there was no turning back. He was now neither completely Pokemon nor completely human. I believe that deep down, Meowth wants acceptance. He wants to feel he belongs somewhere. This is difficult for him because people treat him like a Pokemon and he's too human to enjoy the company of other Pokemon He's forgotten he's Pokemon on a few occasions. In "Princess vs Princess" Jessi had to remind him. In "Who Gets to Keep Togepi?" he startles himself by suddenly remembering. So where does this leave him? Unfortunately he's stuck between worlds. Fortunately he's got Jessi and James as friends. They may smack him around a little but they see him as an equal Back to UTES