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Warning: Lark's Vomit

I could just insert some loverly poetic type stuff here but why? I'm not all that dark anymore. Now I still love when things blow up and angsty situations but I've moved on. I've matured. I occasionally am happy and I think my site reflects that a little more. I've embraced my dark side but I thought I'd let my light side out of the ceder chest I've apparently locked it in.

Ways to waste your precious time

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Too Much Information
Ah, all that stuff nobody in their right mind even remotely cares
about and yet we all put on our pages. Here you will find the
obligatory me page, the rules for a good and fulfilling life, and a
hopelessly outdated test that I'm too lazy to update.

Why People Look at Me Funny
This is not the happy place. Poetry that screams 'I have issues' and
a couple short stories that scream 'I have issues and should be put
on medication'. It's all well written though.

Life? What's That?
aka 'Ken Ichijouji Owns My Soul'. Includes a crappy Darkwing site, a
deeply disturbing Talespin site, a seriously ignored X-files site, an
apparently down music site, a site on RL men that'll probably get me
arrested as a stalker, an Archie shrine that suprisingly few seem to
hate, and a few crappy anime character shrines.

They Just Should Never Let Me Near a Computer
I didn't know where to put this stuff so here it is all clumped
together. Includes my favorite quotes, proof of my disturbing England
addiction,more rantings on people I'll probably never meet, awards
I've for some odd reason received, and various ways to run screaming
from this place.

Oh and the guestbook? Sign it if you really feel like it or don't
bother. I've learned to really hate guestbook signing myself so I'm
not forcing you to do so. If you really liked my page you can contact
me via AIM DarkFedora, or you can email me at

I have spoken.

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masterfedora got their NeoPet at
masterfedora got their NeoPet at
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