Always second born....

Name: Indiglo Emperion Sputterspark (Indi) Position in Order: Secondary Heir, Servant, Chronos' Assistant(later) History: Indiglo was born into a household that wasn't sure what to do with her. Unlike her brother who had a clear future, Indiglo had to struggle to find her place in the Order. She tried to find favor with both her parents, by taking an interest in science and devoting herself to the service of the Masters. She is jealous of her brother's position but respects and loves him regardless. After her mother's death and her brother's promotion to Keeper, she was also promoted to become Chronos' assistant and she now dwells in Here for the majority of the time. Important Facts: Indiglo inherited both her father's electric powers and the ability to understand appliances, she is psychically connected to her brother Thompson, she plays the flute remarkably well, she is the closest Fedora-blood to the Masters because of her relationship to Chronos

thanks to Tracey for the above pic

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