I may be my father's son, but I am not my father...

Name:Jakob Nicholas Fedora Position:Former Keeper History:Born to an angry, bitter and extremely illl father, and an indifferent mother, young Jakob was understandably confused by the Order he found himself in. He became Keeper at the young age of nine and mostly trained himself. Having no real goals of his own he followed in his father's footsteps and became a professor of chronology at SCU. There he met his future wife Calinda Goldeneye, who was the head of the music department, and his best friend Ian Featherton, a physics professor. After he married Calinda, they had their daughter Ricia. Twelve years later, Jakob, along with Calinda was murdered by Mranonak. Important Facts: Remembering his father, Jakob was a loving and affectionate father, and had a strange fear of the watch. He only used it in extreme circumstances. It is said that he had some psychic ability and that is why he was able to give Ricia the fedora before his untimely death. He is only one of two Fedora Keepers not to have died from the Keeper's disease.

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