Betty and Jughead Forever!! 

Wheee! I've reached complete delirium! I'm putting together Jughead
and Betty from Archie Comics. Why? Why in the name of everything holy
would I do this? Well I'll tell you.

It all started when I read this one comic where Jughead is looking for
a girlfriend (why? I dunno). Betty convinces him that she's his 
girlfriend because they're great buddies. It ends with a panel of them
walking off with their arms around each other. I thought this was
unbelieveably sweet.

What about Archie?

*sigh* I know I'm going to get nasty letters from all those people who
want Betty to get Archie. I'm not against Betty getting whoever she 
wants but does Archie really deserve to have her? He leaves her in a 
lurch and goes with Veronica all the time. I say let Veronica have 
him and give  Betty a man who will be devoted to her.

And Ethel?

Who? Oh yeah her. Well she isn't horribly interesting so I don't
concern myself with her.

But why Jughead of all people??

Uh...didn't I explain this? I guess not. I guess it's cause I think
Betty should be happy. Archie and Reggie are both skirt chasers and
that leaves Jughead. I also think Jughead does care deeply for Betty.
Is it necessarily love? Well...probably not now. I do believe a 
relationship could develop though.

Are you on medication?

No. Why? Do you know anybody?

Anyway I've written a little fanfic. It's short. It's corny. It's...

Where You Least Expect It

The pics up there were taken from Archie and The Gang Online 
who probably will hate this page. Sorry.

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