Juno's Ending

Ken: Being the smart cookie we all know he is, Ken realised that
school (especially in Japan) was a crock at 17. Soon afterwards he
ran off. Is now all gothed out and living in New Orleans with his
lov...er..."Best Friend" Motomiya Daisuke and...mostly writing god-awful poetry, 
but occasionally working in a bookstore and
ha...er..."Spending Time" with Daisuke. Noone else knows where
they are, with the exception of Miyako and Hikari, who agreed to keep
their mouths shut as long as Ken helped out with a little project
involving Miyako and a turkey baster...more on that later.

Daisuke: At 17, Daisuke heard a knocking on his window...from Ken
throwing rocks at his window. Having taken Ken's vir...er..."Been a
good friend" to Ken, Daisuke was only mildly surprised at this. Ken
asked Daisuke to run away with him to...wherever they ended up.
Daisuke, being a considerate son and good student (HA! Gods, that one
doesn't even need commentary, does it?) had to stop to think. This
thought took around ten seconds. Before he knew what was happening,
he found himself sharing an apartment with Ken, painting, and
scre...er...having a...er...FINE! I'LL SAY IT! Most of his time is
spend either screwing Ken or trying to get into Ken's pants in the
hopes of screwing him! You happy now?

Takeru: Takeru is a college student/writer (Read: Sponge.) living
with his boyfriend, Iori. Now, being a sponge is usually a bad thing.
But when your boyfriend is the Antichrist (more on that later...)
sponging off them can actually be a good thing, seeing as it holds
off Armageddon...

Iori: Iori was in training to be a police officer when his real
father suddenly appeared in the picture. His father's name is Pepito,
and is the son of Satan, making Iori Satan's Grandson, and the L'il
Antichrist. With this revalation came authority...Iori was expected
to bring about the end of the world. However, Iori is really better
at saving the world than ending it, and with Takeru distracting him
on a constant basis, it looks like the world is in good shape for now.

Hikari: Hikari is a photographer. Around the middle of her 16th year,
she got Miyako to start modeling. One night, while Miyako was wearing
a lace dress and dancing in a fountain at midnight for a project of
Hikari's, their eyes met over the camera, and they haven't been
seperate since. She and Miyako are raising twin daughters, Ayako and
Keiko, who have black hair, purple eyes, glasses, and are drop-dead
gorgeous geniuses. They refuse to name the father, but it's notable
that the girls were born nine months after Hikari and Miyako went to
New Orleans on an oddessy to take pictures in the graveyards...

Miyako: Miyako lives with her girlfriend Hikari, and their two
gorgeous daughters. What does Miyako do for a living, other than
being a model for Hikari and a mother to Keiko and Ayako? It's
simple. Miyako's other personality is "Pheonix", hacker
extraordinaire, who keeps the authorities on the run. She has
a rap-sheet a mile long, but the cops can never get it together long
enough to catch her. And, if she's ever caught, she, Hikari and the
girls have an open invitation in Central America with Sora's Guerilla
squad (more on that later...)

Yamato: Matt started life off with his band, The Teenaged Wolves.
But...they sucked. And Matt lost hope. He left the band and started
college, with a view towards someday becoming...he actually had no
clue, but he knew he wanted to be away from the god-awful life of an
Idoru singer. He also worked the grill at a fast-food stall "Buzzy's
Roadkill Diner" However, the opening came for a place in a band
called Suncolor Graph, who played more Punkish/Gothic music. Matt had
a try, and discovered that he made a DAMN good singer in that kind of
band, and on stage that he could become, in the words of his "Good
Friend" (we've covered what this means before now...) Yagami
Taichi, "Something like the bastard son of Eddie Vedder and Jim
Morrison. And sexy as hell, to boot." Matt's band went big, in the
true Gothic Punk format, having tens and tens of fans. Surprisingly
(or perhaps unsurprisingly, seeing as the boy became so VERY
gothic...) one of them is Ichijouji Ken...

Taichi: Tai...ah, THERE'S a story. Tai started out life with a soccer
scholarship and a gorgeous musician boyfriend (Gee, wonder who THAT
was...) but he lost his place in college after a problem a'la
the "Black Sox" (Read: He got paid off to throw a game...he didn't DO
it, of course, but he still lost his spot.) Currently his is
Matt's "Secretary" (read: Full-time fuckbuddy...) and looking for
work (Read: Being a sponge...)

Koushiro: Koushiro was a hacker, handle of "Prodigious", until he got
caught. Currently he works with the international authorities in
computer crimes. His current assignment? Tracking the notorious
hacker who calls themselves "Pheonix." When not at work, Koushiro
either spends time with his boyfriend Jyou, or with his "Little
Sisters" Miyako and Hikari, and his "Nieces" Ayako and Keiko.

Jyou: Jyou somehow managed to work his way into the international
shadow government, where he and Gomamon work as MIB's. He's currently
attempting to track rumors that the Antichrist has risen...of course,
he doesn't really BELIEVE in such things, he just knows he gets his
assignments and has to work on them. He just hopes this Antichrist
business is done soon so he can go back to lounging about, trying to
keep Gomamon away from coffee, and spending time with his Koushiro...

Mimi: Officially, Mimi works as a fashion designer, and a damn good
one at that. Unofficially, it's known that she spends an inordinate
amount of time in Central America, and a surprising amount of money
just...disappears. Also, she keeps a strange photo of a woman in
black cammo gear on her desk...

Sora: Sora got a scholarship to Smith to study woman's studies. While
there, she connected with a radical leftist group. Before they knew
what was happening, Sora and Biyomon were in Mexico fighting with the
Zapatistas against the Mexican Government. After the successful
Zapatista Revolution, Sora became something of a Robin Hood of
Central America (with her little group of Guerillas working as
the Merry Men), fighting for Marxist values and justice anywhere
Capitalism prevails. She gets money for food and weapons from Mimi's
fashions and Miyako's hacking, and she hopes to someday bring
Capitalism down world-wide. Or, at least, get some decent mosquito
spray and some seed for Biyomon.

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