Only a Game
The Tragedy of Ken Ichijouji

I live with it everyday
With every step I'll have to pay
The only thing that they can't take
The guilt that spirals in my wake

There are many pages that deal with the evilness of the Digimon
Emperor. These are all very good since I love the delightful psycho
nature of Ken in his royal alter ego. Still, you don't see much that
deals with the scarred young man hiding behind the dark glasses and
cape. This page will try to show that Ken isn't the 'monster' that
he appears to be.

A Haunted Past

"Sometimes I wish Sam would just disappear!"
"...and then he did."
 -Ken "Genesis of Evil"

Being second born is hard enough, but being the second born when your
brother is a card carrying genius has got to be rough on a kid. Ken
always felt that his parents couldn't care about him because he
wasn't as good as Sam. Sam was good at everything and how could Ken
compete with that? He couldn't. In his mind, Ken was nothing compared
to Sam, so when Ken received his Digivice it didn't fully parse that
it belonged to him. Dark forces were at work when Sam had his fatal

Twisting his guilt into something they could manipulate, Ken was
forced into the dark ocean where he was changed forever. The need
to become Sam, the need to fill the void left behind, the need to be
in control for once twisted and melded to become the Digimon Kaizer.

Find the Way Home

"What have I done?"
 -Ken "The Crest of Kindness"

To Ken, the taking over of the Digital World had been nothing more
then another game. He never fully comprehended that everything he did
was very real. When the realization struck home, all the walls came
crashing down. The feared Kaizer collapsed and left behind the scared
child that had been engulfed in darkness all those years ago. All the
pain he had caused came rushing towards him. Through a hard journey
through his own soul he realized he could be forgiven and maybe 
someday he could forgive himself.

I'll Stand By You

"You took some detours but you kept your promise...being kind and gentle."
 -Leafmon (baby form of Wormmon) "Genesis of Evil"

Wormmon, Ken's Digimon partner stuck by him through it all. He
ultimately loses his life when Ken has his mental collapse. Thankfully
he is reborn as Ken remembers his true self. Loyal to a fault Wormmon
never gave up hope that his Ken would some day return to him and did
everything in his power to help him, including seemingly betraying him.

A Light in the Darkness

"There are still people who love you!"
 -Daisuke "The Crest of Kindness"

Daisuke Motomiya is the single most important human being in Ken's
life. Whether you believe they are best friends or something deeper
is irrevelant. (For the record I believe the latter.) It cannot be
denied that they share a special bond and Ken wouldn't have gotten
through his breakdown without him. It was Daisuke who first forgave
him, first offered friendship and stuck up for Ken when the need
arose. It is because of his friendship that Ken can pick up the pieces
and face the dark forces who'd have him back. No doubt, Daisuke is
Ken's angel.

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above pic came from The Digimon Emperor's Domain