Kenn Tong's Ending

Here are what happened to the main kids:

Tai-He became a famous billiard player.

Kari-She became a veterenarian.She enjoys spending
time with animals.

Joe-He became a doctor.

Sora-She opened up her own comapany.In only a few
months,she became a multi-billionaire.She's married to

Mimi-She became a very famous singer.People loved her.

Matt-He joined a rock band.He marries Sora.

Izzy-He became a brilliant computer programmer.

T.K.-He opened his own school.

Davis-He also opened his own company like Sora but he
is not successful in his bussiness.

Cody-He became a kendo master and opened his own kendo
training center.

Yolei-She became a elementary school teacher at

Ken-He became a military officer with the rank of

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