So Delicious

Whispers across my mind
Tell of darkened tales
And the pain that lingers on
Won't heal this open wound

Unlikely hero as you are
Guide me right this day
Sing softly towards unspoken love
And never leave my side

You rescued my spirit from myself
But I cannot find my way
Close to your heart is where I'll dwell
Until mine beats the same

Ah welcome welcome to So Delicious, my shrine to the sweetest and most
powerful couple in Digimon, Daisuke Motomiya and Ken Ichijouji.

But Miyako and Ken get married!

How do you get in here? I hate Kenyako/Miyaken! It makes me want to 
break things! I do not recognize the insanity that is the 
ending of Digimon 02. It should be noted that I do like Miyako, herself.

But Ken and Daisuke are both guys!

Very good. You get a cookie.

That's icky!

Whatever. Moving on this page will eventually include my rantings and
ravings on why Ken and Daisuke are the sweetest and most powerful
couple in Digimon'. Til that time though this'll have to do.

My Kensuke/Daiken Fanfiction

Yeah just my stuff. I'm not being egotistical, it's just I don't feel
the need to house other people's fanfiction. If you need a place to
put yours might I suggest Or if 
you're afraid of getting lost in the shuffle 
The Kensuke Files accepts fics.
You should go there anyway, it rocks.

Also this site won't have any Kaizer/Daisuke fics. As much as I love
Master Ken and Slaveboy Daisuke fics I'm trying to concentrate on
Ken's good side and tormented self. I love him when he's angsty.

That having been said...

Hidden Sun A songfic about guilt and forgivness.

If I Close My Eyes Nightime brings the monsters and Ken seeks comfort.

Let Go and Hold On Daisuke's thoughts as he chases after a kidnapped Ken.

The Vines Same as above but Ken's thoughts. A little disturbing.

Gonna Get Me Some! Not strictly Daiken. A comedy piece with many couples.

Other People's Kensuke/Daiken Fanart

I can't draw and I'm not even going to pretend I can. Feel free to
contribute to this section. Remember, good Ken.

This is by Webgoddess AngD who is the coolest person for
drawing this! Thank you thank you!

This is by Magnolia who drew this for somebody else. 
They didn't collect it so I got it instead. Cool ne?

Another by Magnolia this one a pencil sketch of 
our guys looking good.

Dai's Dream
This is by Resuko and it's a picture of Dai-chan's most cherished
dream. Everybody go Awwwww!

Another by Resuko. Yeah I know I said the Kaiser wouldn't be on this
page...well I lied.

Resuko again. How pathetic am I that I burst into tears when I first
viewed this pic?

Oh, while Resuko's page is on my links page, just in case you don't
go there, her page is here. Enjoy!

By the wonderous Babs! If you've ever seen Little Shop of Horrors
you'll get this pic. It's Kaisuke folks!

Hey wanna link to this pathetic excuse for a Daiken shrine? You do?
Really? Wow...thanks. Here's a banner made by the awesome Babs.

Link it to please.
Isn't it cool?

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