Kuroi Shi's Ending

Ever heard of that song, Skater Boy? Well, lets just say, Yamato is
Skater boy, Sora was the girl, who rejected him, because her new
friends didn't like punks, and Taichi was the one to make everything
better. Tai, who is working as a soccer coach, is currerntly married
to a very rich, and famous rock star, Yamato. Even though Yama
travels the world, on tour and such, The two of them have never
missed a night. (If ya know what I mean, Wink Wink.) Yama only goes
on tour when soccer season is over, so that he can take his man with

Koushirou became the next Bill Gates. He 'Disposed of' the man, and
took over his company. Izzy was arrested, when the cops found little
peices of Mr Gates hidden in various dumpsters all over japan. In
court, Izzy plead insanity, said he had split personalities, caused
my his love for one Taichi Yagami. Of course, since that came right
out of Gundam Wing, no one took the man seroiusly, and he was
sentanced to life in prison. He escaped a week after he was
sentanced, and is on the top 10 most wanted list. He is currently
plotting the destruction of the world, in an old, run down mansion,
which is floating in the middle of the atlantic ocean. Occupation:
Criminal mastermind.

Jyou never made it through medical school. In fact, he wasn't even
accpeted to medical school. Although, he is rather happy, working as
Koushirou's spy. He keeps the military as far away as Koushirou's
floating mansion as possible. He also brings the psychopath food, and
water. Koushirou pays him in carpet samples.

Sora, and Mimi hoked up. After Sora stupidly let Taichi have her
Yama, she decided that she was through with men. Sora works as a door
to door shoe salesman, and Mimi works alongside Yamato. She does most
of the singing, and he takes care of writing the songs, and playing
the music. (Yama sings too, But, not as much)
Mimi bought Sora a 20 room mansion, and tried to convince the girl
that she can't get far as a door to door shoe salesman. But, Sora
wouldn't listen.

Takeru, and Hikari tried marriage... But, seeing as both of them were
interested in other people, it didn't work out.

Hikari and Miyako got together, both of them ended up employed at
thier old high school, as teachers.they bought a small appartment,
and, like Yama and Tai, neither of them never missed a night. They
often got complaints, about noise, from thier female neighbours
though. The husbands dodn't seem to mind as much... I wonder why...

Ken and Daisuke got together too. Ken took over Bill Gate's company,
after Izzy was arrested. He had the entire building flown to Japan,
from america. Daisuke did actually get his noodle cart, which he
eventually turned into a noodle resturaunt, which turned into a chain
of resturaunts, that are popping up all over the world.

Takeru was interested in Daisuke, or Ken. But, became clinically
depressed when he found out that both of them were together. Ken, and
Dai, being the nice people that they were, let Takeru move in with
them,... Pretty soon, Ken and Daisuke, turned into Ken, Takeru, and
Daisuke. ... the three of them have never been happier.

And as for Iori, He's single, and looking. He spends his days in a
teeny appartment, drawing out thier adventures in the digi-world, and
turnning them into comics. He soon became a world famous manga
artist, and to keep himself famous, he came up with Digimon Tamers,
and Digimon frontier, which were also big hits. Even though he is
quite rich, he still chooses to live in his one room bachelor
appartment, hoarding all his cash, saving up for a trip around the
worls, with the other digidestined's.

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