Serial Experiments Lain

Basic Plotline: 
There was a plot?? Uh...Lain is horribly unpopular, gets contacted by
dead girl via email, everyone mindtrips and there's stuff with 
computers and..and...uh..stuff. Damn.

Lain is actually very interesting. I can't remember anyone else's
name but everyone is at least intriguing.

Do I Care?: 
Surprisingly despite the fact I spent most of this series both
confused and rather scared I do care what happens. I don't understand
what happens but I care.

Emotional Impact: 
I'm scarred for life.

Romantic Potentional: 
Absolutely none.

Laugh Track: 
Well you might start giggling as your brain turns to goo but that's
pretty much it.

Drool Factor: 
The animation is drool worthy but that's about it.

Pain Factor: 
My brain hurts.

To Sum it Up: 
I actually highly recommend this anime. I suggest you sit with all the
lights off, watch the whole thing in one sitting and then call me so
we can huddle in the corner together and cry.