Let Go and Hold On

Disclaimer: If I owned Digimon the ending wouldn't have sucked major.
Since it did, I obviously don't own Digimon now do I?

Warning: Blah blah blah yaoi blah blah blah Kensuke/Daiken 
blah blah blah don't flame.

Note: This takes place when Ken has been kidnapped and Daisuke 
and the others are going after him.


Intense fear and pain.


I won't let them hurt you again. I won't let them destroy your beauty.

I love you, Ken...but you know that don't you?

You must know that. You must know that you're the most important 
person to me. Nobody else makes me ache this much. I can feel your 
anguish. Let go and hold on.

Wait, that didn't make sense did it? You're the smart one Ken. I
don't know the right words. Let go and hold on. That's all I know to
say...that and I love you. I love you more then anything and anyone.

Don't be dead.

Don't be dead.

I'll save you, Ken. I'll save you like the gallent prince going after
his lady fair. You're my lady fair, did you know that. Heh...you'd
probably smack me for calling you that.

You can't be dead...you haven't smacked me for that yet.

We were going to play soccer together. We were going to be
professionals and win all the championships cause...who could stand
against us, huh? Nobody that's who.

So you can't be dead. You're not done yet! You're not done being my
friend. You're not done with being with me. Beside me.

Let go and hold on.

Let go of the fear because I'm right there besides you. Somehow
I'll always be right there with you. It hurts Ken, cause you hurt. I
know that and nothing is going fast enough to get me to you. Let go
of your pain cause I'll feel it all for you. You've had enough
torment...it's my turn. My turn to bleed and scream for you. Let go
of that darkness within you Ken. Let me be your way. Let me be your

Hold on to your inner light cause I know it's there. I see it when
you smile at me. You don't smile nearly enough but sometimes I think
that smile is just for me. A beautiful smile reserved just for me. I
don't care if it's selfish. I need you too badly to care. Hold on.
Hold on to me. I'll be there. I'll be there as fast as I can, Ken.
Hold on.

I know it hurts.

Just let me feel the pain.

All your pain is mine.

I love you, Ken.

Please, just don't be dead.

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