Okay, it's official....I'm boring. Shoot me now. I never understood
link pages. I mean you're basically telling people to leave. "Please
go look at someone else's page. Mine sucks." Ah well.

Cause I Should At Least Give You A Chance To Escape

Okay a couple of warnings before the list of links. One I'm a fan of
same sex couplings, that means some of these pages may contain that
kind of stuff. Which ones? Click on them and find out. I'm serious,if
you're so homophobic that stumbling on a page like that freaks you so
bad, why are you at my page?? Two I'm an adult (am too!) and most of
these pages don't scream 'Children welcome' so if you're a little
youngin'...what are you doing at my page??

Friend's Pages

Great Warriors
It's my friend Tracy's and my semi kinda...I think we talked once
friend Darrin's site. It's filled with fanish goodness about Darkwing
Duck, Hercules, Aladdin, Peter Pan and the Pirates etc. The artwork
is amazing, the fics are spiffy and hey Tracy wrote a it
cause well I did.

The Aftermath
It's my friend Phillip's site. He has all sorts of stuff retaining to
computer's that quite frankly baffles me but hey he linked to me and
he's cool so go to his page dammit!
It's my friend Babs' site. This girl is just so one of my favorite
people in the universe. Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Darkwing
Duck...other things. Babs freaking rules!

It's my friend Katie's site. You can seriously get lost in here. It's
got TaleSpin and Shakespeare,the single funniest Star Trek fanfic
ever plus a zillion other things to keep you occupied. She written a
book too and once it's published you will buy it cause it's cool.
Course I haven't actually read it but I know it's cool...just go to
the page already.

Katarina's Page O'Wenches and Stuff
It's my friend Kayleen's page...course I don't think I've ever called
her Kayleen but whatever. TaleSpin and pretty furry artwork and hey
look stories and such. Honestly it's a fun page and you should go to

John Moore Productions
It's my friend John's page filled with his little endeavors at
creativity. Go him. It's got a rather impressive Darkwing Duck page,
an online comic which I'll link a little later and various other
odds and ends.

Hey not here? Well then you're not my friend. No no, you may very
well be but I don't have your URL or I'm not sure if you're my friend.
Which isn't nearly as sad as it seems to be...really.


Brunching Shuttlecocks
Okay if there's an award for the funniest site in the universe then
they should just hand it over to Lore right now. You can go here and
just keep hitting 'random page' and be entertained for days. From the
stuff on the pages not just from hitting the button of course.

The Birthday Dirge
There's other stuff on this page but I really don't care that much
about it right now. This is one of the funniest things I've ever read
and I seriously want it sung at all my birthdays from now on.
Cause making fun of hokey translations is fun. Oh shut up all you PC
gooberheads! Yes English sometimes comes out screwy and I find that
amusing. If it helps I'm convinced that all those people walking
around with kanji tatoos that they think say 'love' actually say
something like 'lumpy noodle biscuit' or some such. And hey that's
funny too!

Crazy Thoughts
It's a long list of questions...weird questions. Some are thought
provoking, some are cute, and a few I actually knew the answers.
There are no answers just loads of questions.

The Clive Anderson Abuse Page
This isn't nearly as bad as it seems since it doesn't seem to
seriously abuse Clive at all. This is good cause I like Clive who
was the orginal (and IMO better) host of 'Whose Line is It Anyway'. If
you don't know what that are deprived.

The Marx Brothers
I love these guys, they're freaking hilarious. This page has more
information about these guys then you'd ever actually need but hey
useless knowledge is fun isn't it?

Paingiver Productions
This is sick and of course I love it. It's a downloadable
radio show guarenteed to offend, scar you and otherwise make you
cringe. Fun for the whole family!


Live 365
Okay this place isn't nearly as cool as it used to be but you have
to love the concept so I'm leaving this up. Judge for yourselves.

Online Comics

Kevin and Kell
A furry comic that's absolutely hilarious and thought provoking. The
archives may take awhile to get through but it's well worth it.

Schoolbooks and Brimstone
Well this page doesn't appear to be being updated anymore and it's
such a shame. I'm linking it because the comic is hilarious, the art
is wonderful and the page is just too much fun. Here's to hoping 
someday it'll come back.

Unicorn Jelly
Beyond amazing, beyond incredible, and beyond anything I have ever
seen, this comic surpasses storys told in more "acceptable mediums".
The artist has created a universe that's detailed and baffling at 
times and characters you truly feel for. So incredibly highly 

Boy Meets Boy
Funny, angsty, romantic, and so much more. It's the story of a
group of people, their interactions, their hardships, heartaches,
joys, sorrows, short it's about life and all
it's quirkiness.

8-bit Theatre
So so wrong and so so hilarious. It's mocking and sadistic and just
evil enough to be delightful. Join a band of not so intrepid not so
heros on their quest to...well not kill each other or some cases
to do just that.

Men in Hats
They're a group of men in hats talking and walking around. Sound dull?
Not in the slightest. The remarks are witty, insiteful and always
sure to bring at least a smile to your face. It's alot of fun.

This would be my friend John's comic. In all honesty when I first saw
this I thought it was, well stupid. Stick with it people and turn
your brains down a little and you'll get it. It's not complicated by
any means but it's funny and cute and hey there's an evil squid thing
in there.


Darkwing Duck

Probably the most unique DWD page I have ever encountered. Some
beautiful fanart and stories and...well it would be spoiling to tell
too much now wouldn't it? I love these people for doing this.

St Canard:Home of Darkwing Duck
The fanart is top notch, and I'm sure the stories will be too once
I get around to reading them. The fan made characters are interesting
and show alot of promise. It's still under construction so keep
watching for further developments.


The sap in me loves the fanfic here with it's pro B&B swing. Besides
they've linked me with one of the most flattering links I've ever had.
Thanks and here's returning the favor.

Card Captor Sakura

Go for the profiles if for nothing else, because their a good look
into the characters of this wonderful anime. There's also pictures,
some wonderful speculations and various observations that made
me laugh and speculate myself, on what could have occured.


Daisuki Desu Yo
Dedicated to what it probably my favorite Tamers couple Kazu and
Kenta, it's got all the good stuff a shriney should have. It's not
updated or not updated much anyway but it's still worth a look
through if you support them.

Digitamamon and Bakumon's House of Ramen(and Digimon
I love this page. It's humorous and has some unique observations,as
well as having a great shrine to Arukenimon and Mummymon. Those guys
were a kick! ^_^

The Complete Digicouple Link List
I've died and gone to digishipper heaven! If you're like me and like
to throw characters in Digimon together with wild abandon, go here
and find other people who are just as weird as we are.

Kensuke Central
I couldn't in all decency not link a page for my favorite couple in
any and all fandoms, Daisuke and Ken. It's got fanfic and fanart and
all that good stuff but the important thing is it's got Daisuke and
Ken..and they're together. *happy sigh*


What? You thought I only shipped Digimon? Silly! Of course not! This
page is great because it really does give a fair case to the most
popular of the different shippings. Well worth a look.

Though this page can be a bit too bashing towards Rocketshippers
sometimes it's still a great site. The episode guide is utterly 
fantastic and rapidly helped me remember why I liked this show so

Zelda's Rare Candy
Oh yeah! Thundershock me Sexy Raichu! Fall over funny stories,
thoughts and various other whatnot that cannot be missed. I adore
this page and would weep horribly if it ever went away.

Tom Lehrer

*coming soon*

The Phantom of the Opera

*coming soon*


*coming soon*

Gundam Wing

Woman Without Tears
Dot and Relish

Sailor Moon

Haruka and Michiru Picnic

Star Wars

Elusive Lover

Star Trek

BONC Homepage
DS9 Encyclopedia and Lexicon
Paris/Kim Slash Fic Archive

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Satellite News

Joel Hodgson

*coming soon*

Malcolm McDowell

The Genius of Malcolm McDowell

John deLancie

*coming soon*

David Duchovny

*coming soon*

Bruce Campbell

*coming soon*

Rod Serling

*coming soon*

Vincent Price

*coming soon*

Jerry Seinfeld

*coming soon*

Trace Bealieu

*coming soon*

John Shea

*coming soon*

Daniel Davis

*coming soon*

Jim Cummings

*coming soon*

Jonathan Pryce

*coming soon*

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series

The Buffy Guide
The Underworld Tattler
Xander's Den of Debauchary


*coming soon*

Dr Demento
What you don't know who Dr Demento is? Oh you poor deprived people.
He's a disc jockey who plays 'mad music and crazy comedy from
yesterday, today and tomorrow' and you should beg your local radio
stations to play him if they don't already. Beg!
Whimsical Will has the coolest freaking job in the universe and I both
hate him and love him for it. He does the 'Demented News' on Dr
Demento. You can listen to some of his stuff, play the soundbite
contest or just worship the man. Why? Cause he's damn awesome!

Weird Al

*coming soon*

The Twilight Zone

*coming soon*

The X-Files

The X-Files Inside Joke List

The Letter People

*coming soon*

The Nightmare Before Christmas

*coming soon*

Harry Potter

Femme Spark
Fish Garden
Into Raspberry Swirl
Red Moon Rising
HP Devo

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

*coming soon*


*coming soon*

Einstein on the Beach

*coming soon*

Barenaked Ladies

BNL Headquarters
Hey look it's a page about my favorite band in the whole world! It's
got lyrics and info and other goody goody stuff that'll entertain you.

Garth Brooks

*coming soon*

The Chronicles of Prydain

*coming soon*

Monty Python

*coming soon*

Ray Bradbury

*coming soon*

The Ubu Plays

*coming soon*

Fushigi Yuugi

*coming soon*

El Hazard

El Hazard: The Online Episode Guide


Smallville Slash Archives
Smallville Crows
The Smallville Torch Forums

Mutant X

Sanctuary X

General Anime

Anime Intro Archive
Shoujo-ai Archive
Suteki Gaki Network
Otaku X

General Cartoons

Animated Lust
Toon Obsession


The Theater: Oekaki

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