Lovely Sora's Ending

As their adventure ended, each of the 12 digidestined parted their
own seperate ways....... 

Tai was bent on making soccer his full-time career. He got into the
Odaiba University, a major in soccer. He now is captain on Japan's
star soccer team, the Big-Haired Damn players.

Matt went on to become a solo artist. Ditching his band, he won 40
Grammy's with his single, "Tall, Dark, and Handsome." Media has it
that this song is dedicated to a certain, special someone.

Sora now owns her own flower shop, "Petals." She ends up with a
humble lifestyle, but she is content to do so. Her and Taichi are
known throughout Odaiba to be an 'item', although Taichi frequents
Matt's mansion every now and again.

Izzy has become a professional hacker. His codename is, although not
really code because we all know who he is, "Prodigious." He and
Tentomon travel throughout the world of the computer, searching for
ways to control the internet, and all forms of the internet.

Joe has become a doctor. He attended Harvard, finishing with a
masters in Medical Science. He has not acquired many patients,
however. Gomamon frequently scares them away with his many bad jokes.

Mimi has become a waitress at Hookers. She frequently attends Kareoke
Night, often times making more money than she does with tips during
normal work hours.

Davis is currently attending Odaiba University. He is unsure what he
wants to do, career-wise. He is Ken's right

Ken rooms with his....friend...Davis, in Odaiba University. He still
is the smartest boy in the school, just like old times. Wormmon is
always tagging along, helping with those really tough Chemistry labs.
( We all hate those. )

Cody has ditched the University, claiming the people in it
are 'inferior to him.' He has been frequently seen muttering to
himself. Some witnesses also claim that he is bent on taking over the
world, wanting to make all the short, stumpy people of the world
content with their vertically challanged-ness.

Kari is majoring in the teaching profession. She has already had the
privaledge of being a student teacher. Gatomon is the class toy.

TK wants to become a psychiotrist. Having a friendly temperament, he
wants to make a career out of helping others. Patamon is usually his
guinea pig in the 'examinations.'

Yolei wants to be Queen of the Universe. Actually, she really doesn't
know what she wants to do for a living, but she wants it to be a high-
ranking, important job. Frequently visiting Ken and Davis, she helps
clean up the mess they always make in the apartment. Mess......o.o

Most of the Digidestined see each other often, as for the ones that
don't, they have get-togethers every now and then. Another memorial
has occured since the last one when they were all young. Davis and
Ken, and Tai, Matt and Sora left early, reasons unknown to the
others. TK and Kari left in the same car. Cody gave Yolei and Izzy a
lift home on Digmon.  They had some important 'secret' work to do.
Mimi left with Joe, Gomamon complaining for the 25th time he was
hungry. And that was that. They would all see each other again, in
not too long a time.......

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