To the Tune of an Electric Lullaby

Disclaimer:Ricia, Ian, Dr. Goshawk and Ms Serweb,are mine . Megavolt 
is property of Disney. Tempest Fugit was Jessica's idea...thanks. Oh 
and John Renard is John Moore's

Thanks: To Mandy who helped me pick a title, to Jessica who wrote 
the wedding fic, to John for letting me use him for my own evil 
purposes and to Mr. JJ Thompson for...well you'll find out.

Ugh....make the room stop spinning. Please.

Someone was knocking at the bathroom door. "Ricia? Are you alright 
in there?", her husband's voice called.

Ricia picked herself up and half walked half stumbled to the door. 
She opened the door.

Megavolt stepped forward. "Geez Ricia you look awful." He was 
surprised when she fell agaist him mumbling into his chest. "What?", 
he asked.

Ricia looked up. "Kill me.",she ordered.

He looked over at the bathroom light fixture. "I know she's kidding! 
I'm not stupid!" He stroked her hair and whispered. "You want an 

"No...I want you to kill me, don't you listen?"

He just nodded and led her into the living room. Advoiding the 
hideous couch he guided her to the gaudy plaid armchair. She slumped 
down into it. He looked worriedly at her and kneeled down to look 
her in the eyes. "Want some breakfast Rish?"

She stared at him and blinked several times. "Oh Lord..." She ran 
back into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Megavolt looked at the closed door and then glared at a nearby lamp. 
"Shut up."

"Mrs. Sputterspark?"

Ricia followed the nurse into the small room. She hated doctors. She 
was only going because Megavolt and Ian had both insisted on it. She 
grinned to herself. She always had such a hard time saying no to 
either one of them. They were both so important to her. Ian had 
raised her after her parents died. He had been there for all the 
important moments. He had given her away at her wedding. Ricia's 
smile widened slightly. She had truely found a great man. Megavolt 
was as eccentric as ever but she wasn't exactly subscribing to 
Normalcy Digest herself. Moving all her clocks into the lighthouse 
had been quite the adventure.

"Now Mrs. Sputterspark, what seems to be the problem?"

Ricia looked up, startled. "Huh? Oh! Dr. Goshawk, I'm sorry...what?"

"How do you feel Ricia?"

Dr. Goshawk was Ian's doctor and he recommended him highly. The man 
had very sharp features but soft and friendly eyes. Ricia relaxed 
slightly and explained how she was feeling weak and throwing up. A 
smile tugged at the corner of his beak.

Ricia glared at him. Great a sadist doctor. Thanks Uncle Ian.

The visit was rather quick. He ran a few  tests and then said he'd 
call her. Before she knew it she was standing outside in the waiting 
room. She shrugged at a few patients who looked her way and walked 
out the door.

"And you should've seen what that other store did to my clock! 
Absolutely disgracful! Now I hope you won't be like that. Though 
frankly you look too young to know anything at all!"

A week later Ricia was feeling slightly better...not much but 
slightly. Her newest customer Ms Serweb was blabbering on as usual. 
And as usual Ricia wasn't listening. She looked over at her friend 
John Renard who had come in a little earlier. He was trying not to 
laugh. Ricia turned away from him before she started giggling. She 
handed Ms Serweb her antique clock with a heavy heart. It was a 
beautiful crystal clock with a rotating pendulum. It was such a pity 
it had to live with this big mouthed old coot.

The woman picked up her clock and handed Ricia her payment. As she 
handed her her change, the woman looked her up and down and said. 
"Is that your natural color young lady?"

Ricia blinked in surprise.

No lady, I purposedly dyed my entire body this color so people like 
you would ask stupid questions.

John watched trying not to say anything to either party that would 
get him in serious trouble. He suddenly developed an intense 
interest in the gears that covered the table in front of him.

Ricia took a deep breath and composed herself. "Yes Madam this is my 
natural color."

The woman sniffed. "Odd."




Ricia turned to look at the ringing phone. She picked it up. "Hello, 
Tempest Fugit, how can I help you?"

There was a long pause then Ricia started shrieking and stuttered a 
thank you into the phone. She hugged both John and Ms Serweb. And 
rushed out the door yelling behind her. "John, watch the store!"

John blinked. "Uh...what??" He looked over at Ms Serweb and forced 
himself to smile. "Hello madam."

She sniffed. "Stand straight young man! Do you want to be a bent 
over old man at your age?"

John stood up straighter and silently cursed Ricia. This had better 
be something important.

Ricia ran into the lighthouse. "Megs? Megs?"

Megavolt walked into the room looking worried. "What's wrong? Are 
you alright?"

Ricia ran to him and kissed him passionately. When she pulled away 
she grinned up at him "I love you."

Megavolt felt a little dizzy. "Um...I love you too. Uh...what did I 

Ricia laughed and hugged him. "Oh Megs! I just got a call from Dr 
Goshawk! You're going to be a father!"

Megavolt promptly fainted.

End of Part One

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